Sit. Rep. #103: FCC, Turbidity, and Fats

1- Food.  One of my favorite subjects… ;-).  I am going to touch on this subject with a broad brush.  Food comes in 3 categories:  Protein, Carbohydrates (Carbs for short), and Fat.  These 3 fuel our bodies in two different ways:  Metabolism, and muscle Energy.  I think of metabolism like a car just sitting there … Read more

Sit. Rep. #39: Water & Food

1- Tonight is a really good night to observe Venus.  Venus will be in the southwestern sky at dusk in the constellation of Taurus the bull.  She will follow Aldaberan over the western horizon at about 11 pm.     This time of year Venus is called an “evening star”.  Venus is a planet and is … Read more