Sit. Rep. #91: Chips, Weaving, & Kits

1- I carry an Emery Board in my shaving kit when I go camping.  These can take care of cracked toe or fingernails, calluses, and can even be a backup match striker. 2- Many companies have intern programs.  Some pay, some do not.  Some schools give class credit for internships.  (I just found out that … Read more

Sit. Rep. #15: Yum or Yuck Menus

1- The reason that you stay away from Ham Band Frequency edges are:•A. To allow for calibration error in the transmitter frequency display•B. So that modulation sidebands do not extend beyond the band edge•C. To allow for transmitter frequency drift•D. All of these choices are correct 2- Notice when you look at the BSA Requirements … Read more