Sit. Rep. #125: Sort Colors, Stuffed Training, Simple things

1- The current thinking in current medical/responder triage for mass casualty incidents (MCI) is to use 5 colors.  You do not have to have an MCI to use this coding/tagging system.  You can express to the 911 operator that you have X of Y color; that will help the responders.  IE: I have 1 Red … Read more

Sit. Rep. #22: Science vs _________

1- Most building codes have SCIENCE behind them.  Let me share what I dealt with.    The INVERTED GENIUS that built this house put water lines between the house & the detached workshop about 6″ deep underground.  On dark cold winters, the “frost line” here in this part of North Carolina is 12″ deep.  That means … Read more