Sit. Rep. #91: Chips, Weaving, & Kits

1- I carry an Emery Board in my shaving kit when I go camping.  These can take care of cracked toe or fingernails, calluses, and can even be a backup match striker. 2- Many companies have intern programs.  Some pay, some do not.  Some schools give class credit for internships.  (I just found out that … Read more

Sit. Rep. #48: Guys & Pegs

Wisdom hints about hiking: 1- Take an extra stove & fuel to do nothing but boil water for dishwashing & sterilizing mess kits.  You will need to be a good-sized pot.  And pliers for mess kit dunking. 2- Windscreens help cook faster. And they keep the pots warmer longer.  Choose the number & size/height of … Read more

Sit. Rep. #0 How we got started, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer: Please read

Well, see, there was this virus…      What started as a regular email newsletter to equip, encourage, and entertain just the Scouts and parents in the troop I serve.  The emails were quickly met with encouragement to share it with a wider audience.  The emails were full of random activity and project suggestions, learning prompts, … Read more