Sit. Rep. #89: Fuzz, Mercator, & Cultures

Map Projections: 1- Think of projecting a picture on a wall.  It does not matter what the original shape of the object was when the picture was taken.  The picture on the wall is 2 dimensions.  The projection is 2 dimensions.  Our Earth is roughly a sphere.  Any map in 2 dimensions distorts that 3 … Read more

Sit. Rep. #81: Many layers, No cake

1-  We know that the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere is called the Troposphere.  And the next layer up is called the Stratosphere.  Atop the stratosphere is Mesosphere.  The next layer up is called the Thermosphere.  And the last layer of Earth’s atmosphere is the Exosphere.  These layers are based on temperature.  Also, as you … Read more

Sit. Rep. #75: Baking, Broiling, & Breakfast

1- Over the years of camping, I developed a method of breaking camp for my personal gear.  Getting on the trail quickly was an important element of getting 10 miles or more covered.   A- When I wake up, I immediately start draining the air mattress of air.  Even before I get out of the … Read more