Sit. Rep. #30: Watch, Don’t Touch!

Hi,  We have several things dangling.  Let’s tackle a couple. 1- We looked at parallel & series electrical circuits.  Different things happen in each type of circuit.  We will look at both.  Current is measured in Amps.   Example –  2 Resistors in Series:  R1 & R2     There is only one path for the … Read more

Sit. Rep. #24: Reagan’s idea on Service

1: In interviewing your family, ask some of these questions:  When & where were you born?  How many states and countries have you ever visited?  Which was the most fun? Interesting? Where did you learn the most?  What was the culture like there?  Music? Art? Cooking? (Hint: Best dish/recipe) Political hierarchy?  Were you in Scouts … Read more

Sit. Rep. #13: 12 points

Think: When the winds of change die down, and politicians & thieves become honest; we will have looked past them all to see the truth. 1- A bit of personal philosophy. Beware of any & everyone who tries to capitalize on this situation.  Let us all-weather this “storm” with grace & gratitude. 2- I believe … Read more