Sit. Rep. #72: Not kidding, Rx Bottles

1- When we talked about disasters, I showed that your Scout Skills are extremely valuable in an emergency or in a disaster.  How does a stranger know that you are a Scout?  Your uniform.  Your uniform speaks a million words for everyone to see.  It speaks the Scout Law, Motto, & Slogan.  All three at … Read more

Sit. Rep. #71: Welcome: EDITH, & CERT

Congratulations to the new Scouts that Crossed Over.  Welcome to the Troop. 1- An Emergency:   An event where immediate action is required to intervene between life & death. 2- A Disaster:   Disasters are exceptional events that can suddenly kill, injure or displace large numbers of people.  A disaster is a situation or event which overcomes … Read more

Sit. Rep. #11: #1,1,1,1 & Growing Dirt

First things First: #1 – I would like some feedback and your thoughts from everyone. EVERY family is different. Some are weathering this well. Some are having difficult times. I will not share anyone’s thoughts without sanitizing the e-mail and who it is from. #1 – I spent a year studying disasters under the program … Read more