Sit. Rep. #94: Tips, Logistics, and Eats

Fire Building Tip:

 1– I learned a new fire building tip this week.  When lighting a fire, start your fire from the windward side of the fire lay.  That way the heat of the fire will heat up the rest of the lay.  If the wind is too strong for a diminutive flame, lie down with your back to the wind and face the fire.  Your body will block some of the wind until the fire catches.

Flag Ceremony:

2- When the American Flag is flown with flags of other countries.  They are all flown from masts of the same height.  They should all be raised at the same time and lowered as such.  When in the US, the American flag is flown at the flag’s right.

2A- There are 2 main people in a Color Guard.  One carries the flag and is responsible for attaching the flag to the halyard.  The other member of the Color Guard manages the halyard.  When the flag is being raised the person carrying the flag salutes only after the flag is high enough to be out of reach to the ground.  The manager of the halyard salutes after the flag is at full mast (at half-mast when necessary) and the halyard is secured to the flag pole.  The salute is continued until the National Anthem is completed or the word “Too” is commanded by the caller of the flag ceremony.

2B- Color Guards should salute when the signal to salute is given or at the start of the National Anthem.  When presenting the Colors, no flag should precede or cross in front of the American Flag.

G- What do you call a mouse without hair?
H- A little Bear.

Merit Badge Hints:

3- What to Railroading and Truck Transportation have in common?  Besides being Merit Badges – I mean.

  • A- Carry Freight from origin to destination.
    B- Carry many different kinds of freight.
    C- Require paperwork, Bills of Lading, Manifest.
    D- Governed and regulated by multiple government agencies.
    E- Haul Hazardous Cargo, sometimes called Haz. Mat. for short.
    F- Accidents make the news.
    G- Add value to the goods that they haul.
    H- There are different kinds of trains and different kinds of trucks – determined by the cargo being carried.
    Start noticing the different kinds of trucks and trailers.  Also the different kinds of railroad cars.
    I- There are many different departments that are alike in both Railroading and Trucking.  Can you think of some?
    J- Intermodal is the combination of Rail & Truck.  The nickname is PiggyBack.


4- Bannock is a super simple recipe and is wonderfully tasty:

2 cups flour,  2 teaspoon baking powder,  1 tablespoon nonfat dry milk,  5 tablespoon oil or fat,  Pinch of salt,  about 1.5 cups water,  Some goodies like raisins, Craisins, fresh fruit (berries), cinnamon, honey, molasses, jam/jelly,  Panella, jerky, or ______ .

Note: chop or break into small pieces anything larger than a raisin

Mix flour, baking powder, nonfat milk, oil, salt in a bowl with just enough water to make a paste or thick dough.  Add the goodies and mix.

Make a thin pancake out of the dough.  Or multiple pancakes depending on your group.  I suggest a pancake about 3″ in diameter as a maximum size.

Fry each side in a little bit of oil – then bake for 10-15 mins…  Cover with syrup or powdered sugar if you like.

Tent Setup:

5- Reminder: When setting up your tent; Set it up with the door on the leeward side.  That way the cold wind or dusty wind will not blow into your tent.  The tent is more stable in the wind when it is set up with the door rear-facing the onrushing wind.

6- When Opportunity knocks, It knocks on the door of the person that is the most prepared.

Semper Paratus,

Campsite Cooking by Thomas Mercaldo

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