Sit. Rep. #9: Sidewalk Chalk

1- I talked about a schedule already. Here are some more of Scott Kelly’s thoughts:
   “And don’t forget to include in your schedule a consistent bedtime. NASA scientists closely study astronauts’ sleep when we are in space, and they have found that quality of sleep relates to cognition, mood, and interpersonal relations — all essential to getting through a mission in space or quarantine at home.”

2- I want to add: Keep an early wake-up schedule. You will be more productive during the day and the “going back to school” schedule will not be so hard to adjust to.

A- Gasoline is finally affordable.
B- But now we can’t go anywhere.

3- I challenge and expect the entire Troop to be ready to pass off all of the requirements through First Class when we get back together. Schedule at least 1 hour a day to work on Scout skills and Scout advancement. KEEP A JOURNAL OR LOG! HINT. 😉
4- And at least 3 Merit Badges. 6 MB’s for those already past First Class. (hint: turn off the screens & phones and do some Scout Stuff.)

C- This virus must be wrecking India. Really hurting their economy.
D- How can you tell. Were you watching the news?
C- NO. But I haven’t had a single spam phone call in 3 days.

5- Did you look up the chart about RF Frequencies? The whole chart is very full. We Hams get slices of different parts of the RF Spectrum. Each slice is called a “Band”. Example: Our Ham 2 Meter Band are the Frequencies from 144.0 M Hz to 148.0 M Hz. Our 70 CM (also called 440 band) Band runs from 420 M Hz to 450 M Hz. Hams have access to 16 different Bands. If we broadcast outside of our designated band, we are stepping on other folk’s toes and that is highly illegal.

6- A Ham Radio Repeater is a receiver & transmitter all in one. It rebroadcasts the incoming radio signal back out in real-time. There are 2 types of repeaters:
     The first is the Cross-Band Repeater where the incoming signal is one Band and rebroadcasts the signal in another band. ie: 440 band to 2 meters. Note: you have to have a 2 band radio to do this. You have to transmit and receive on 2 different bands.
     The second Repeater uses a single band. The most common around here is a 2-meter repeater. Here is how a single band repeater works: A Radio ( the repeater radios ) can not listen and transmit on the exact same frequency at the same time. Sooooo This type of repeater has an OFFSET. An OFFSET is where the incoming signal is (just) slightly offset from the outgoing signal.

7- Some repeaters require a sub-audible tone to activate the repeater. You can also connect repeaters and link them together for a larger coverage area. The people that organize repeaters are Ham Volunteers called,  •Volunteer Frequency Coordinators.   They are recognized by local amateurs.

     Note: your cell phone is 2 transmitters and 2 receivers. One transmitter and one receiver set are for voice. And the other transmitter and receiver are set for data.

E- You know when I was a kid, I thought we would have flying cars by 2020.
F- Yeah, But here we are teaching people how to wash their hands.

8- Make a list of things you want to contribute to the planet during your lifetime. The list should be at least 30 items.
9- What are you doing for fun? Try some sidewalk/driveway chalk. Artwork, hopscotch, …. (Watch out for traffic)… Take a picture.
10- Have a family sing-a-long or karaoke.

G- (Soccer Coach) Goalie! Why didn’t you stop the ball from going into the goal?
H- (new goalie) I thought that is what the net was for.

Opportunity shows up in different ways,

I- (Turkey Hen to her brood) You are behaving so badly.
Your father must be rolling over in his gravy!

Campfire Tales: A Collection of Campfire Stories by Thomas Mercaldo

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