Sit. Rep. #86: Flag & Merit Badges

1- Flag definitions:

A- Band: is the strip of canvas on the flag pole side or staff side of the flag that holds the grommets that attach the flag to the halyard via the halyard clips.
B- Canton: is the field in the upper left corner of the flag.  The US Flag has a blue field with white stars in the canton.
C- Color or Colors: is the military term for the flag.
D- Dip: is to lower the flag to salute.  The US Flag is never dipped.
E- Ensign: is the US Navy term for the flag onboard ship.  There may be other ensigns flown such as the Admiral’s Ensign or the Chaplain’s ensign.
F- Final: is the very top object on the flag pole.  Usually, it is a ball, eagle, or arrow.
G- Fly: means the length of the flag
H- Fringe or Gold:  gold braiding is attached along 3 sides of the flag (not on the band side).  This is the only adornment that is allowed on the US Flag.
I- Grommet: is the eyelet (usually Brass) that is used to attach the flag to the halyard.
J- Half Staff: is the lowered position of the flag used to represent morning.

1B- The US Flag Code is Title 4, United States Code, Chapter 1, Section 4-10.  That “Code” means that this is Federal, US Law.

2- Try this for your Family Life Merit Badge.  Ask your parents how they plan for a vacation.  How long in advance do they start planning?  How is the budget for the vacation decided on?  How far in advance do you have to make reservations?  When did you have to buy plane or train tickets or rent a car?  When did they have to put in for vacation at work?  Who is going to take care of your house, plants, pets, mail, and security while you are away?  How much stuff & clothes are you going to need and where will you get them?

S- I thought the sign read “No Fishing?”
T- I am not fishing.  I am trying to teach these worms to swim.

3- Contrails are the long thin wispy clouds behind airplanes.  Take the time to look and observe them.  The term “contrails” is short for condensation trails.  Condensation means that there is moisture in the air.  If you see contrails that are extended behind the airplane; then look out for wet weather or a change in the weather for the worse.  You can usually tell the direction of the wind by looking at the direction from where the contrails pushed from.  They will be pushed in the downwind direction.  Take your compass out & make note of the direction and write it down so you can compare it later to another reading.  Compare the 2 readings to see if the wind direction has changed.

4- American Business is a Merit Badge.  You can combine some of the requirements with Truck Transportation or Railroading or Dentistry or Architecture or Surveying or Photography or Medicine Merit Badges.  See there are plenty of opportunities to get multiple MB’s with one set of requirements.

U- What do you say when the Statue of Liberty sneezes?
V- God Bless America.

Looking up,

W- Know why skeletons are so calm?
X- Because nothing gets under their skin.

Ranger Skits: by Thomas Mercaldo

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