Sit. Rep. #8: Carrots Anyone?

Scout Law:

1- I was asked several years ago about the Scout Law. Which part is the most important? Well, I have 3 different answers. Let us go down all 3 rabbit holes…
   A- The Scout Law is 12 points that every Scout should try and live up to. The Scout Law is complete and whole unto itself.
   B- To me the most important point of the Scout Law is “Trustworthy.” If someone is trustworthy – then I can trust them in small things and large things. In all things. They have integrity in all things. Trust & responsibility in all things. This goes for personal and business relationships.
   C- Also, to me, there is a third part of the Scout Law that is not written. I am not perfect and I realize that. My imperfections do not give me license to expand or excuse my imperfections. When I am imperfect it is up to me to correct that break in trust that I created. And when someone breaks that trust with me; It is my responsibility to FORGIVE. And in FORGIVENESS I give us the room and the freedom to come to a new and better relationship inside of Trust. However, Not everyone meets that new relationship challenge. I can still forgive. And I will put that person at a greater distance.

     Relationships that have Trust in them are more precious than anything else I can imagine. Trustworthy – Live it, Be it.

A- Doctor, The Invisible Man is in the waiting room.
B- Them him I can’t see him.

Ham Radio:

2- A Ham Radio BEACON is defined as: •An amateur station transmitting communications for the purposes of observing propagation or related experimental activities.
3- Did you know that there are Ham Radio Satellites orbiting the earth?  They are call Space Stations per the FCC (Part 91): Defined as •An amateur station located more than 50 km above the Earth’s surface.
(PS: The ISS has a Ham Shack onboard – and when you get your license you can talk to the astronauts on the ISS.)

C- Help. I keep seeing spots before my eyes.
D- Have you seen the Doctor?
C- No, I see these spots.

Personal Fitness MB:

4- How is the exercise plan going? Keeping a log/journal/record so you can pass this off with your Personal Fitness MB Counselor?
5- Ask the family to have a family conference as part of your Family Life MB. (keep notes) Discuss how to reduce the family budget in this Covid-19 situation. How can you help cut expenses or increase income for the family?

E- Why do you tiptoe in the bathroom?
F- I don’t want to wake up the sleeping pills.

7- Pick a Scout Award that you want to earn outside of rank advancement. The BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award comes to mind. The 50 miler and the Interpreters Strip are other awards that can be earned.

6- List a discovery or invention that you want to make happen in your life time that will benefit humanity.

G- Doctor, Every time I drink a cup of coffee, I get this sharp pain in my right eye!
H- Try taking the spoon out of the cup.

Stay in Touch,

I- (waiter) Sir, How did you find your steak?
J- (diner) That was easy. It was hiding under the dinner roll.

Scout Skits: by Thomas Mercaldo

The Ham Study Guide by KB6NU link:

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