Sit. Rep. #78: 318 Earths

1- Jupiter is the largest and most massive planet in our solar system.  It would take 318 Earth’s mass to equal one Jupiter.  If you take every planet (except Jupiter) in the solar system, add all of their masses together, then multiply that total mass by 2.5 to equal Jupiter’s mass alone.

Jupiter with Europa -NASA Hubble Telescope

   At night Jupiter and Saturn both look like big stars in the heavens.  Along with Mars, Venus, & Mercury, they are the visible planets to the naked eye.  The word “planet” is derived from the Greek word asters planetai.  That translates as wandering stars.

   Check out a picture of Jupiter.  You will notice different colored bands circling the planet.  The dark bands are called “belts.”  The light-colored bands are called “zones.” 

   And there is the giant Red Spot that is a massive storm twice the size of Earth.  The winds in the storm run from 270 to 425 mph ( 430 to 680 km/h )!  On Earth, the cyclonic storms tend to break up once they hit land.  We do not think that there is a landmass on the surface of Jupiter for the Red Spot to hit.  This storm has been observed continually since 1850.

  And, just to be fair, Jupiter’s mass is equal to 0.001047 the Sun’s mass.  Jupiter and it’s satellites are called the Jovian System.  There are 79 currently known moons in the Jovian System.

K-What do you call doughnuts on International Space Station?
L- Spacetries.

2- How do you dry out your wet boots on a camping trip?  Leave them wet and wear blisters on your (already) tender feet?  Cook them to death by the fire that destroys the soles and is worse on the uppers? NO!!!

   A- Pull out the insoles.  Hang them up but not too close to the fire.  The best place is high enough for the wind to catch them.  Squeeze all the water out you can.
   B- Stuff the boots with something dry.  (Not tomorrow’s) Dry socks, dry t-shirt, bandana, towel, wash rag, (think twice about using your toilet paper), leaves, grasses, or whatever you can conjure up.  Wind and sunlight will help.  Remember that synthetic fabrics will melt.
   C- Heat some rocks and wrap the rocks in something dry.  Do not get the rocks so hot that they will melt or injure the boots.  You want the rocks warm enough to help dry the boots – not cook the boots.  If you have a pint/small size bottle, fill it with warm water and place the water bottle in the toe of the boot.
   D- Wring out your wet socks starting at the toes and squeeze toward the other end.  After squeezing and wringing; grab the toes of the socks and whirl them around your head or beside you to sling some more of the water out of the socks.  This also generates a breeze for the socks.  If you hang the socks to dry, hang by the toes so the water travels up the sock so that the “insole” part of the sock is the driest.

3- A cheap and easy way to clean a Dutch Oven or frying pan is to use a plastic putty knife.  Look for the plastic putty knives at an auto parts store in the bodywork section of the store.  Not to mention they are very lightweight to carry.

4- Zippers in cold weather can be very hard to work with gloves on.  Tie some 550 cord to the zipper pull.  Any knot or knots you choose will do if the zipper pull stays on and works.  A short rope with 2 overhand knots is probably the simplest.  Or tie a Larks Head Knot with an overhand knot to finish.  Zippers on tents, coats, pants, blouses, OK – all zippers.  You can even tie a pop-top from a soda can onto a zipper and make a good zipper pull.

M- Did you know about the new plan to create an atmosphere on Mars?
N- Yeah.  They are going to pipe in smooth jazz and turn down the lights.

5- Ticks and chiggers can make a camper’s life miserable.  Try this plan.  Put complete circles of your insect repellent around each ankle sprayed on the pants legs… Tuck your pants into your boots or use a string to tie the bottom of the pants leg so that the critters can not climb up your legs.  Put insect repellent around your waist at your belt line.  Same around your wrists and neck…  If you have on a jacket, do a stripe around the bottom of the jacket to repel the aggravating insects.  Put a squirt on the bill of your cap.  And even all the way around your cap.

6- Skunks have the most unpleasant way of telling you that you are too close.  They are accurate for about 25 feet.  Deskunking is basically wash, rinse, wash, rinse, wash, rinse ….. till all of the stink is gone.  Yes, they can aim their spray.  If a skunk stomps it’s feet – then make haste leaving the area.
     Note:  If you get skunked; you will find out who are your friends.  And they still may make you spend the night downwind.

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