Sit. Rep. #75: Baking, Broiling, & Breakfast

1- Over the years of camping, I developed a method of breaking camp for my personal gear.  Getting on the trail quickly was an important element of getting 10 miles or more covered.

  A- When I wake up, I immediately start draining the air mattress of air.  Even before I get out of the sleeping bag.
  B- Get dressed in everything but my boots – I will put them on outside of the tent or at the tent door.  Most likely in the vestibule.
  C- Stuff the sleeping bag in the stuff sack.
  D- Pack my bedclothes into stuff sacks.
  E- Roll up the air mattress and stuff it into the stuff sack.
  F- Park everything near the tent door or in the vestibule.  That keeps me from climbing in & out of the tent to grab stuff.
  H- Boots on.  Note: I do not have to go back into the tent…
  I-  Pack the backpack with everything but the mess kit and the tent.
NOTE:  Here in the first 10 minutes of being awake; I am already about 90 % packed.
  J- If breakfast is ready eat.  Eat then pack up the tent.
      If breakfast is not ready; pack up the tent first.
  K- Eat, Wash mess kit, pack mess kit into the backpack.
  L- Tie the tent onto the backpack.

Move out!

Except for eating breakfast, I can easily be ready to hike in under 15 minutes without breaking a sweat.  Coordinate your actions to be more efficient.

U- How did the cell phone propose to his girlfriend?
V- He gave her a ring.

2- When you are moving something heavy and are using a Timber Hitch;  I always tie an extra half-hitch up the log.  That way all of the tension stress does not hit and stress the rope in only one place.  The stress is divided out between the two knots.  Another tip is: I try to tie the Timber hitch at the midpoint (by weight) of the log and the extra half hitch about halfway between the Timber hitch and the end of the log.

3- Prometheus in Greek Mythology was credited with giving mankind the gift of fire.  Before fire, he was credited with making man from clay.  After fire, Prometheus is credited with giving mankind the gift of Arts and Sciences.  There are also many different fun stories about all of the mythical gods.

W- How do you make a banana split?
X- At Sundae School.

4- I want to talk about leadership but first I want to break out the word “management.”  To me, management is doing just that.  Managing the given resources to produce a stated outcome.  This involves things like hiring, firing, budgets, scheduling, planning, dealing with exceptions, problem resolution, setting strategy, deal with the legal and regulatory environment, meeting objectives, organize, train, safety, command, & control. 

   Management’s job is to transform raw materials into a finished product.  Management itself is a factor of production along with, Labor, Capital, Machinery, and Materials.  Different industries may have different factors of production.  An example is a Medical Doctor or an Engineer, each must have a specific education, pass exams, and have state licensing.  A steel mill must have iron ore.  A railroad must have real estate to lay tracks.

   Think about any job – actually think about 5 different jobs in 5 different industries and see how the definition above applies.  And look for exceptions to the definition.

Y- How do you make a banana split?
Z- Cut it in half.

5- Some cooking terms:
   Bake: Cook with dry heat, reflector oven, or Dutch Oven
   Baste: Moisten food while cooking, use steam, drippings, or marinade
   Boil: Cook by boiling
   Braise: Brown meat in hot oil or fat, then cover and stew with added liquid
   Broil: Cook meat directly over an open fire, note: broiling usually takes a hotter oven or fire than baking

Air Force Weather – Wind Chill Chart

6- Be aware of the Wind-Chill factor even in the hottest days of summer. Wind lowers the effective temperature.   Wind also dries you out.  While the wind is drying out your clothes, the drying process uses your body heat to effectively dehydrate your clothes.   It saps heat energy out of your body.  Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.  Be Prepared for any weather any and every season of the year.


Dare To Soar: Graduation Edition:   by Thomas Mercaldo

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