Sit. Rep. #70: Dissemination & Slippery

1-  The term Propagation means according to the dictionary is: to disseminate, spread, or circulate.  In Ham Radio (and all other kinds of Radio transmission & reception)  Propagation means the ways that the RF signal travels from the transmitter to receiver.  Line-of-Sight, Ionosphere bounce, Moon bounce (called EME for Earth, Moon, Earth), Meteor Scatter, Ducting, Ground waves are all methods of RF Propagation.  Different frequencies behave differently.  A good example is to listen to AM radio at night to see what faraway station can you listen to that you can not hear during the day.

     As amateur radio operators, we should always try to use the right frequency and the right mode when communicating. To do this, we need to know how radio signals travel from one point to another and what effect frequency, our antennas and even our location have on signal propagation.   Communications at VHF and UHF frequencies are generally “line-of-sight” communications.  For this reason, they are normally used for local communications.

    Why are direct (not via a repeater) UHF signals rarely heard from stations outside your local coverage area?
           UHF signals are usually not reflected by the ionosphere
     What does the abbreviation “RF” refer to?
            Radiofrequency signals of all types
Search “Radio Propagation” in Wiki for a good article. 

2- I like the Scout Motto:  Be Prepared.  I have heard people grumble that Be Prepared was chosen because it was the same as Baden-Powell’s (B-P) initials.  Well, anyone can have an opinion and grumble to their heart’s content.  I still like Be Prepared.  With Scout skills that you have already and are developing, you are building your tool kit of skills that allow you to Be Prepared.  Be Prepared for what?  “Why for any old thing.” Baden-Powell said.

U- Where do Knights of the Roundtable eat?
V- The All Knight Diner.

3A-  B-P. also wanted strong, productive citizens that could lead and respond to emergencies.  He wanted Scouts to have mind and body to meet any challenge and to bring joy to other folks.   One way Scouts bring joy is the Scout Slogan: “Do a good turn daily.”  Elevate someone’s life by helping them out.  Be it stranger, family, or friend.  Keep track of who you helped and what you did for them.

4- Many years ago I was looking for a warmer sleeping bag for cold (32-0 deg. F) nights.  I like really long sleeping bags because I like to pull them up & over my head when it is cold.  And I don’t like having my feet touch the “bottom” (foot box) of the bag.  If my feet touch the bottom – then the insulation compresses & my feet get cold.
I found a bag & decided to try it on to see if it would fit.  I took my shoes off and climbed into the bag right there on the store floor.  I wanted to try it on.  It fit and the salesperson was happy with my purchase.  The whole store may think I was crazy – but I did not want to spend money on something that would not suit me. 

4B- Many Scouts are still physically growing lickety-split.  When you are purchasing some gear or equipment – buy something that fits now and something you can grow into.  Most folks will grow to be a bit bigger than their parents.  Try this when purchasing; let your dad or mom try the equipment out to see if it fits them.

4C- Wear your good thick hiking socks when trying out new hiking boots.  Break in the boots by going around the block before going out on the trail.  Kick the floor when trying out your boots.  If your toes hit the front of the boot – then they are too small.  It also is best to shop in the afternoon or after hiking.  That is when your feet are the biggest. 

5- I want to suggest learning a variation to the Clove Hitch knot.  Make it “slippery” by making the last move with a bight instead of using the running end of the rope.

W-What do you call it when the Knights of the Roundtable change chairs when the music ends?
X- Knight Shift.

Propagating Scout Stuff,

Thanks to KB6NU Ham Radio Study Guides

Scout Cheers by Thomas Mercaldo

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