Sit. Rep. #7: Confined Space

1- Physical Activity and Personal Fitness MB go together. If you can not get outside try this plan.

  • Do the following every hour: Do 10 Pushups: Do 10 Pullups: Do 10 Situps:
  • Do 10 Reverse Situps: (Lay on your tummy & stretch & try to touch your heels to the back of your head)
  • Do “6 inches” for 30 secs. (lay on your back and hold your heels off the ground for 30 secs. – hands behind your head)
  • At the end of the day – add up how many of each exercise you accomplished. Next week add one to every rep. And keep a log (for 90 days) for your Personal Fitness MB.

A- What goes “Tick, Tock, Wolf, Wolf, Tick, Tock, Wolf, Wolf…?”
B- A Watch Dog.

2- What is the purpose of Amateur Radio (Ham Radio)? — Advancing skills in the technical and communication phases of radio art.
3- You can only hold ONE Amateur (Ham) License at a time. And that license MUST appear in the FCC Database.

G- Why are dogs such bad dancers?
H- Because they have 2 left feet.

4- Scott Kelly, American engineer, a retired astronaut, and U.S. Navy captain. A veteran of four space flights. His Letter to the Editor at the NY Times is insightful. (partial quote):

     “When you are living and working in the same place for days on end, work can have a way of taking over everything if you let it. Living in space, I deliberately paced myself because I knew I was in it for the long haul — just like we all are today. Take time for fun activities”    (Remember that he could not even go “outside” & when he did it was all work.)

C- What do a cell phone and a dog have in common?
D- Both have collar IDs.

5- A question that has arisen is: “How can I help?” The best answers I can give are: — Stay safe, Stay healthy, Keep up with School, Help your family & neighbors.

6- What Scout Skills are you practicing and advancing? What NEW Scout Skills and advancement are you working on? How can I help?

7- My favorite card game is Cribbage.

E- What did the lawyer name her daughter?
F- Sue! Of course.

Be Wise, Be in touch,

I- Waiter, Waiter, What is this fly doing in my soup?
J- The Backstroke.

Scout Skits: by Thomas Mercaldo is a good Scout Resource  

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