Sit. Rep. #69: Rust, Normal, & Wishes

1- This last weekend I pulled out a piece of gear that I have had for a number of years.  But I have not used it in several years.  It had some rust spots on the steel.  OUCH!  It still worked but the rust showed that I have not taken proper care of it.  Today was rust prevention day at my house.  I am taking every piece of gear out of that storage box & double-checking the functionality as well as for any signs of rust or dirt.  

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2- Try this:  Tie a fishing net out of 2 ropes.  Use simple knots that will function properly.  One rope becomes the outside of the net.  The second rope becomes the net inside. 

3- Tie a cargo net for use with a trailer or a truck.  Hold all your cargo in place without any falling overboard.  You will find that your cargo net will work better and be cheaper than the store-bought one.  I leave my partially built cargo net permanently attached to my truck.  When I need it – it is already half done.

Q- What is black, white & green, black, white & green, and black, white & green?
R- Three sea-sick cows.

4- We are a bit closer back to normal but not quite yet.  Try this:  Keep a pad & pencil with you for a day.  Every hour write something (new) down that you are grateful for, something nice, a positive thing in your life.  Notice the little things and the big things.  Write down as many as you can during one day.  Count your blessings.


5- Ham Radio:     We use wavelength, for example, when we refer to amateur radio bands.
What property of radio waves is often used to identify the different frequency bands?
   The approximate wavelength

For convenience, we split the entire range of radio frequencies into sub-ranges, including high
frequency (HF), very high frequency (VHF), and ultra-high frequency (UHF).

     What frequency range is referred to as HF?    3 to 30 MHz
     What are the frequency limits of the VHF spectrum?    30 to 300 MHz
     What are the frequency limits of the UHF spectrum?    300 to 3,000 MHz

6- A plastic putty knife works on dutch ovens and cast iron pans.   If you forget your pot cleaner, what can you use from the woods to clean the pot and pans?  Sand makes a great pot scrubber. 

S- What was the Chief Maker’s daughter’s name?
T- Miss Chief Maker.

7- Try this in a solo canoe.  Try turning the canoe in a circle in the same spot.  Not moving forward or backward.  Do a 360. Now try it by paddling on one side only!

If wishes were horses, then we all would ride,

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