Sit. Rep. #64: It & 13 Latin

1- Let us talk about “it”.  We use such language to dodge talking about “it.”  Are you going to do a  #1 or a #2?  Take a dump.  Take a leak,  Go to the head.  Go to the john.  Clean in your outdoor manners.  LaLa visit time…..  And a lot more nicknames for urinating and defecating.  How do we do this cleanly in the camping environment? 

  •    Use restroom/bathroom facilities where available.
  •    Use latrines or plastic outhouses where available.
  •    Dig & set up a latrine.  Cover when finished and mark with an upright stick.
  •    Dig an individual cat hole and bury your waste where advisable.
  •    Take plastic bags or “travel johns” that capture your waste.  Dispose of properly.

  1B- Guys – remember that the ladies require a bit more privacy.  Be respectful of their needs.  Accommodate as needed.
 1C- Some places that we visit &/or camp require that no human waste or trash is left behind.  Plan accordingly.
 1D- In Scouts, there should be separate latrine & shower facilities for adults and Scouts.  And separate for males & females.  If shower facilities are limited then an allotted time for each group should be scheduled.
 1E- Please use bio-degradable toilet paper.
 1F- Set up a handwashing station nearby.

 O- How does the skeleton receive phone calls?
P- On his tele-bone.

 2- Take a close look at the eagle on the one-dollar bill.  The eagle is holding a banner in his mouth.  What does the banner say?  E Pluribus Unum.  Those are not everyday words.  First, these are written in Latin.  The translation & meaning are “ out of many, one.”  This is the motto of the United States.     My translation is Many states, one country: many peoples, one country.
     2B- Above the eagle are 13 stars.  The breastplate on the eagle has 13 stripes.  The eagle carries in his right claw an olive branch with 13 leaves.  In the left claw are 13 arrows.  The number 13 is for the original 13 states.
     2C-  North Carolina was #12 in adopting the US Constitution in November 1789.  The U.S. Constitution is the oldest written constitution in operation in the world. 

The Scoutmaster softly suggested to the young Scout: “Asking for help is not the same as giving up.
Giving up is walking away and not returning.  Asking for help is refusing to give up.”

 3- I would like to suggest a few extra knots to learn:  The Surgeon’s knot is symmetrical with 2 double overhands on each side.  The Ligature knot asymmetrical with 2 double overhands on one side & only 1 overhand on the other side.
      Most doctors that I have talked to use the Ligature knot but call it a Surgeon’s knot.  Ashley Book of Knots: page 75, knots # 461 & 463.

 4- Journalism is a merit badge.  It is interesting to me how we get such filtered & spun news.  I will again suggest reading the book 1984 – George Orwell.  Practice interviewing someone that you do not know very well and write up that interview.  Consider each word and what it means.  Research those words in the dictionary & in the thesaurus for alternate meanings and different words that mean something slightly different and spin the interview differently.

4B- Take some pictures from different angles and in different lighting to see how the different pictures convey different messages.  Caption each picture.

 Q- Why did the Scout do the Twist dance before sipping his powdered drink.
R- The directions said Shake Well Before Drinking.

Do the Hokey Pokey,

 Campfire Skits:   by Thomas Mercaldo

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