Sit. Rep. #63: Scouts on the Moon

1- I consider cooking a meal for someone else as an act of service.  I practice my culinary skills and my hospitality skills.  All-in-all it is also fun.  It is a skill that I can learn, use & improve on for my entire life.  (I won’t even mention that I get to eat well and show off.) 

2- Maybe you already know that Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong was the pilot that first landed on the moon.  He did it manually because the terrain that was chosen was not suitable for landing.  And he took manual control to find a suitable spot to land.  Buzz Aldrin was his co-pilot and also a Scout.
    2B- The first person to talk to Armstrong & Aldrin on the moon was an Eagle Scout.   Charlie Duke also landed on the moon as part of Apollo 16.
    2C- Does the name Jim Lovell sound familiar?  Hint: Apollo 13 commander.  Another Eagle Scout.  Lovell: “There’s a lot of commonality between Scouting, astronauts, and space flight. … I think that Scouting is also the pursuit of exploration. … This is the same criteria, the same elements that makeup astronauts.  They sort of live on the edge.  They are very curious, they want to explore.”

2D- Of the first 312 astronauts from 1959 to 2011, 234 had a Scouting background (75%). 

K- Why did the robber wash his clothes before hitting the bank?
L- He wanted to make a clean getaway.

 3- Ham Radio:
   Which of the following components can consist of three layers of semiconductor material?   Transistor
   What does the abbreviation FET stand for?    Field Effect Transistor

 4- Schematic diagrams that show the components used in a circuit and how those components are connected together. The circuit components are represented by symbols that readily identify the type of component and its value or part number.

    What is the name of an electrical wiring diagram that uses standard component symbols?  Schematic
    What do the symbols on an electrical schematic represent?   Electrical components
    Which of the following is accurately represented in electrical schematics?   
           The way components are interconnected
(Thanks to KB6NU Ham Radio Blog and Study Guides)

4B- Think of a schematic like a topo map.  They both represent the real thing using symbols and diagrams.

M- How do you make an egg roll?
N- Push it.

 5- I was asked this question about advancement:  “If I do a project for school that meets the requirements for Scouts does it count?”  Yes!  Show your Scout Master or Merit Badge Counselor the work and get it signed off.  Some teachers are also MB Counselors.   Approximately 60 Merit Badges involve schoolwork.

Wishing a safe journey to all the astronauts,

PS: Here is a quote from NASA:
     “The leadership, teamwork, life skills, and positive role models that are part of scouting help create motivated, high-achieving adults who may go on to become astronauts, scientists, or engineers.  In a few years, today’s scouts could be among the next generation of pioneers that may help lead the world’s activities for better understanding Earth and for exploring space.”

Campfire Skits:   by Thomas Mercaldo

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