Sit. Rep. #62: Spice in your life

1- I  want to recommend another book for reading. Thunder Below!  by Eugene B Fluckey.  He was the Captain of the Submarine Barb during WW II.  He had an opportunity to sabotage a train.  His criteria for choosing the saboteur squad was:
    ” My secret criteria were: first, no married men, except Hatfield; second, members of all departments; third, half regular Navy, half Naval Reserve; fourth, at least half had to have been Boy Scouts where they learned how to handle themselves in medical emergencies and in the woods.  Should the group have to flee through the mountains… such qualities would be indispensable.”
    The saboteurs were awarded The Navy Cross Medal.  This award is second only to the Congressional Medal of honor for the Navy & Marine Corps.  He mentions Boy Scouts 2 more times in the book.  And the book is a good read on its own.

1A- Here is a link to a YouTube Video on the U.S.S. Barb.

2- Spices that we use every day come from
leaves, seeds, roots, or gums.  Spices were considered a fine luxury for most of human history.
    The Bible even mentions spices in I Kings: 10:2.  The Queen of Sheba came to visit King Solomon.  “She came to Jerusalem with a very great retinue, with camels bearing spices, and very much gold, and precious stones…” (RSV)  This was about 1,000 BC.
   I usually smell a spice before I add it to a recipe.  If it does not smell right – then I don’t use it.  Next time you cook something smell it and smell every ingredient before mixing it in.  Tuning your nose will aid your cooking.

E- What was the new baby’s motto?
F- If at first, you don’t succeed, cry, cry again.

3- A bit more science that can hurt you if you don’t pay attention.  Ultraviolet radiation is the stuff that gives you sunburn. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation (RF) that comes from the sun and man-made sources.  Ultraviolet RF is higher frequencies than blue (visible) light.
    UV can bounce or reflect off of surfaces.   Some of the most efficient surfaces to reflect UV are water, snow, & ice.  You can get sunburned while sitting in the shade by getting the UV off of the reflected surface.
    Some of the man-made sources for UV are Welding, Sun lamps, Tanning beds, Phototherapy, Blacklight lamps, Xenon lamps, and Mercury lights.

G- Why is spaghetti the smartest food?
H- It always uses it’s noodle.

4- When sharpening an axe; please use a knuckle guard.  A knuckle guard is made of a piece of leather, or garden hose, or multiple layers of canvas or blue jean material.  Cut the material into a ~4″ square.  Put a hole in the middle for the file to go through.  Then the guard sits between your hands and the axe bit.  This is an added layer of protection in addition to your leather-gloved hands.  Be careful and safe.

I- What is Donald Duck’s favorite holiday?
J- July 4th.  Because he is a fire-quacker.

5- Did you notice that an overhand knot is tied the same way as the half-hitch.  The difference is how you dress the knot after you finish tying the knot.

6- “Do everything you ask of those you command.”   General George S. Patton on Leadership.

Safely guarded,

Superior Campfires by Thomas Mercaldo

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