Sit. Rep. #60: Take a pulse

1- Let me take a few moments to take stock of where I see the Covid 19 situation.
     A- We do not know when we will have a cure.   I do not care what a politician or “an expert” tells me.
     B- We may never have a vaccine.  There are diseases that have been studied for decades that do not have vaccines.
     C- “Herd Immunity” takes about 75 % of the population to become disease resistant.
     D- News reporters and analysts are not always experts.  Be careful who you listen to and what you read.  We can’t predict the weather longer than 3 days – what makes anyone think that we can predict a pandemic virus disease.
     E- Staying home & wearing masks are the safest things that I know to do.
     F- I / We do not know when “normal” will return or how it will look.  Be flexible in your thinking and response.

2- How many places on the human body can you take a pulse?  Wrist, Elbow, Neck, Groin, Ankle, back of Knee, top of Foot.  Take for a full 60 seconds.  AND document reading and where you took pulse.

S- What do you call a cow in Alaska?
T- An Esk-ki-moo.

3- This should be very easy Ham Radio knowledge.

   What electronic component allows current to flow in only one direction?    Diode
   What are the names of the two electrodes of a diode?   Anode and cathode
   How is the cathode lead of a semiconductor diode often marked on the package?    With a stripe
   What does the abbreviation LED stand for?   Light Emitting Diode
   Which of the following is commonly used as a visual indicator?   LED

Slippery Sheet Bend
Slippery Clove Hitch

4- When you tie your shoes.  You use a “slippery” knot that you can untie with the pull of one of the ends.  Practice making a slippery sheet bend knot.  Another useful slippery knot is the slippery clove hitch.

5- The practice from yesterday about emotions is for your use.  To acknowledge your emotions is the first key to untangling them.  As you could see there are many different emotions.  Some are easy to recognize and some are more difficult.


U- (new gymnast) When I stand on my head the blood rushes to my head.
But when I stand up the blood doesn’t rush to my feet.
V- Well, your feet aren’t empty.

6- Do you know a foreign language?  Try and earn an Interpreters’s strip for your uniform.

Searching for a crystal ball,

Thanks to:
KB6NU Ham Radio Study Guides
Run-ons and Even More Scout Skits    by Thomas Mercaldo

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