Sit. Rep. #6: Why?, Golf Charlie Foxtrot

1- Ever wonder and ask why School? Why Education?   Going to school is good for you. With an education, you have the opportunity to maximize your future income. Without an education, your maximum potential and income are significantly lower. School increases your knowledge that you have to use at work and at home.

2- That brings me to ask this question: Why do Scouts?   I assert that with your Eagle or Gold Award, you will also add to your income throughout your lifetime. Studies show that the Eagle & Gold are positive to your health, employment advances, scholarships, and income.

3- Try this: Sit outside for 30 mins. Log everything that is not man-made. Increase your Nature Awareness.

A- Why did the Lawyer take a ladder to court?
B- He wanted a higher opinion.

4- Ham Radio has it’s own slang or jargon and abbreviations: CW = Morse Code (you do not have to know CW)
•Using the Phonetic Alphabet means: Using words to mean only a letter: Alpha = A, Baker = B, Charlie = C, Delta = D, Echo = E, Foxtrot = F, Golf = F, Hotel = H, India = I, Juliet = J, Kilo = K, Lima = L, Mike = M, November = N, Oscar = O, Papa = P, Quebec = Q, Romeo = R, Sierra = S, Tango = T, Uncle = U, Victor = V, Whiskey = W, X-Ray = X, Yankee = Y, Zulu = Z (Canadians use Zed = Z)

A copy of the Phonetic Alphabet line you can print out.

5- My call sign is W4GCF: Phonetically it reads Whiskey 4 Golf Charlie Foxtrot. My old call sign was KD4CTY: Kilo Delta 4 Charlie Tango Yankee. Notice how the phonetic alphabet works. Use words to mean letters – that way the communication is clear.

C- Did you hear about the kidnapped barber?
D- The police are combing the city.

6- Reminders: Exercise – get outside – It is safer in broad daylight. Keep a daily log for Scout Advancement. Help out around the house. Do a community/neighborhood service project. Support each other – give slack. Family Life & Personal Fitness MBs.

E- What kind of cars do tigers drive?
F- Catillacs.

Let me know how you are doing.

G- What did the Judge say when the skunk came into the courtroom?
H- “Odor in the court.”

Scout Skits: by Thomas Mercaldo

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