Sit. Rep. #5: OTC – Active Ingredients

1- How is it going? Let me hear from you. Personally: I miss the social interactions that I used to get on a daily basis. I have left the house (about) 4 times in the last 2 weeks. I get out and walk, do yard work, I have a couple of major chores/projects in the making. My puppy dog really likes me being around so much.

A- Gee Dad you are going bald.
B- Every time you do something bad, I lose a strand of hair.
A- Now I understand why Grandpa is bald.

2- Minimize your demands and wants on your folks and family. Get used to drinking water – it is also good for you.

3- You are First Aid Trained. Read & go over ALL the First Aid Requirements (including the First Aid MB). You may be the best person on the scene to help someone. Make a list of all the First Aid supplies at home. And then make a shopping list for what you may need based on your First Aid skills.

4- Start reading the ACTIVE INGREDIENTS in the Over-The-Counter (OTC) medicines.  Read the instructions and doses and the contra – indicators for the use of the medicine. Example: Advil is the brand name. The generic name and the active ingredient are Ibuprofen.

C- (teacher) Sammy please use the word “boycott” in a sentence.
D- (Sammy) The boycott 4 fish.

5- Keep a log or record of your Scout Studies. This will help you when we get back together and help you secure the advancement that you have earned while we are apart.

6- Use this extraordinary time to your maximum benefit. Think of this as an opportunity. And it is!

E- Why did the Skeleton stay home from the Prom?
F- He had no body to dance with.

7- Google:: US RF Spectrum Chart.

Zoom in and read all the uses of RF and see if you can find the HAM frequencies. We get small slices in various regions of the RF spectrum. Sometimes we are not primary users of that part of the bands.

8- HAM Radio is regulated in the US by the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission. Internationally we are regulated by the ITU. International Telecommunications Union. (now part of the United Nations – but pre-dates the UN) And if you travel internationally – you are then regulated, also, by the host country that you are in.

G- What kind of music scares balloons?
H- POP music.

Be Safe and Be patient with others,

I- (dad) What are you going to do today?
J- (son) Nothing.
I- That is just what you did yesterday!
J– Yeah. I know. I am just not finished.

Scout Skits: by Thomas Mercaldo – Really good ideas for Scouts

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