Sit. Rep. #47: Meanderings on Hiking

I sat down a couple of nights ago & drew up 6-7 legal pages of ideas to cover.  BUT what I would like is some feedback from you Scouts.  I know most of you can talk – so I assume that you can also e-mail.  Please let me know what you would like for me to cover.

1- Sterilize your car when left at a hiking parking lot.  Lock everything in the trunk.  Do not give the thieves a reason to break in.   Put a note in the front seat, in fairly small print, of whom to contact if an emergency arises.  Usually, that number should be a parent or other adult that is at home for the weekend – someone that is not on the trip.  Do NOT leave information such as “We will return Sunday.”  Empty all the trash out of the car before you get to the parking lot.

2- If camping near a swamp or damp area, consider a mosquito incense burner or citronella candle.  DEET or other insect repellents for everyone.  Head nets for the sensitive individuals or around really bad swarms of the biting buggers.

3- Consider wearing a glasses strap to hold your glasses on if you fall.  Sunglasses should provide needed UV protection (>99%).  If camping or traveling in areas of snow & ice – UV sunglasses are a MUST have item.  Sunglasses for water-related trips.  Snow blindness hurts.

L- Where can I plug in my phone charger.
M- You have to move to Rhode Island.
L- What?
M- There you will find a New Port.

4- You will notice that Scouts have a particular way of camping.  Most folks do not practice Leave No Trace.  Take an extra trash bag to pick up after such thoughtless ones!  I consider picking up after other campers as a service project.  And it just the right thing to do – service project or not.

5- I got taken the other day at the grocery store.  The big label on the front said “Sugar-Free”.  And I bought it.  After I got home & tried it out, it was really too sweet – yuck.  Then I read the label: Corn Syrup (sugar substitute #1), Maltodextrin (sugar substitute #2), Sucralose (sugar substitute #3).  I’ll just get the “sugared” version next time.  Look out for the word dextrose”. It is another sugar substitute.

N- What is the difference between a numerator and a denominator in fractions.
O- Not much. Just a fine line.

6- Stay hydrated on a camping trip!  Drink water, Drink Water, Drink Water.  If you are eating well, you will not require a sports drink.  If you do the sports drink – drink then follow this recipe: 3x water for 1x sports drink.  Symptoms of not enough water:

  • Urinary tract infections,
  • Hard stools,
  • Dark-colored urine,
  • Burning sensation while urinating (ouch),
  • headaches,
  • tummy cramps. 

Read up on this in your First Aid MB pamphlet.

7- Poser:  Do you know why Gatorade got the name Gatorade?
8- What other Summer Time items are on your First Aid radar?  Insect bites, Cramps, Lightning strikes…….

“I am small.” said the new Scout.
“Yes, but you make a difference even now.
And you will grow and make an even more & a bigger difference.” said the Scout Leader.


The Big, Ginormous Book of Clean Jokes and Riddles by Thomas Mercaldo

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