Sit. Rep. #40: Reading the weather without the book

Thanks, NOAA

1- Nice storm last night.  That makes me think about camping in that kind of weather.    When was the last time (and the next time) you waterproof your tent?  Dining fly?  Ground cloth?
     How would you anchor your tent & dining fly in that kind of storm?  Do you carry extra tent stakes and rope?  What could you use in the field to make “sandbags” to help anchor your tent?
   Checked out your rain gear?
   How well would you pick a campsite that helped protect you & the troop from the storm?

2- If you did not have any media or electronic gadgets:  Could you have read the weather signs to get ready for that kind of storm?   Is there a difference between Weather & Meteorology?

J- Did you know that deep breathing kills germs?
K- OK. So how do I get them to breathe deeply?

3- Take the time to read the US Constitution.  Some of it is boring and dry.  Most of it is really important.  I assert that the Constitution and (what is called) Common Law are the 2 bases of all of the laws in this country.

M- What do you say when you meet royalty on the trail?
N- Hi King!

4- Do you know CPR?  Everyone needs to know how to do this!   We probably need to review and/or teach everyone how to do CPR.  ( SPL / PLC – please add this to a meeting sometime soon. )

Bear Dog: Co-Author

5- Let us all help make Saturday’s Food Drive a success!  Keep track/log of your service hours.

6- If you have a pet, look up the requirements for Veterinary Medicine.  That MB should be easy for you.

Be Helpful,
Gaither & Bear Dog

O- How do you keep from getting sick from insect bites while camping?
P- Don’t bite any insects.

Scout Games by Thomas Mercaldo

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