Sit. Rep. #39: Water & Food

1- Tonight is a really good night to observe Venus.  Venus will be in the southwestern sky at dusk in the constellation of Taurus the bull.  She will follow Aldaberan over the western horizon at about 11 pm.
    This time of year Venus is called an “evening star”.  Venus is a planet and is not just an evening event.  Venus has been in the sky today starting around 6 am.  But we could not see it due to Sol, the Sun’s, brightness.  Starting in July, Venus will become a “morning star” on the eastern horizon.
    That brings on a poser:  Why are Venus and Mercury so hard to see?   They are just planets like Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn.  Or are they?

2- Ever thought about why we cook food?  Easier to digest, Kills germs, Enhances flavors, Combines ingredients, Saves time chewing.

M- Why does your dog growl every time I go in the kitchen.
N- Maybe it is because you are using his bowl.

3- How do we preserve food?  Cook & caned, dried (like jerky or raisins), Salt cured (country ham-yum!), Sugar cured, Frozen, Refrigerated, Pickled, Irradiated, Freeze-dried, Preservatives, Vacuum packed, … What other methods can you think of? 

4-  What is more important than food?  WATER of course!  How do we treat water while camping?  Use a known and safe water source like a well or public supply.  Boil water,  Iodine tablets treat water, Chlorine tablets do the same, Clean snow or ice, Filters ( very fine filtration – read the labels & specifications).  Prefilter all the water that you treat with a t-shirt or bandana to filter out the gross contaminants & turbidity.  The gross contaminates & turbidity contaminates will require more decontamination to become potable. 

   NOTES: 1- drink/take your water upstream from the other campers, horses, & / or cattle.
                   2- you can not decontaminate chemicals or radiation.

5- The first thing in the US to become metric is:   Our money.  It was called “decimalized” in the 1790s.   Martha Washington is the first & only female to be on a US bill.

O- What do they do at Scout camp when it rains?
P- Get wet.

6-  How many milliamperes are 1.5 amperes?
1500 milliamperes…  To convert amperes to milliamperes, you multiply by 1,000
    What is another way to specify a radio signal frequency of 1,500,000 hertz?
            1500 kHz… To convert from hertz (Hz) to kHz, you divide by 1,000.
    How many volts are equal to one kilovolt?
             One thousand volts  … 1,000V
    How many volts are equal to one microvolt?
              One one-millionth of a volt

Q- How do you drop a glass without spilling all the water?
R- It was full of tea.

Be the sunshine in the shade,

Dan Romanchik KB6NU, (Ham Radio)  Technician Study Guide

Campfire Skits by Thomas Mercaldo

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