Sit. Rep. #36: Strength = Resilience

#1:  When we get back to normal, what will you have learned about yourself and your family and your community and your political leaders?  What kind of notes have you taken about this COVID-19.  How will you weather the next one better?  What would you have done differently?  Keep your notes.

Assume #2: That we do not get back to normal in the middle of May.  What will you do?  Goof off more?  Learn something new?  Practice your Good Deeds?  Get stronger by doing physical exercises daily?

3- There was another reason that the Italian Government liked Galileo’s telescope.   Guess.

A- Why were the raisins mad at the pretzels?
B- The pretzels kept in-salt-ing them.

4- I was out looking at the weather/sky early this morning.  It was really interesting to watch the clouds.  One layer was going to the NNE and another layer of clouds was going exactly 180 degrees from the first layer to the SSW.   All at the same time.
    Learn to ID the clouds and watch the leaves in the top of trees.  They will tell you a lot about the weather that is coming.
   I think of spring & fall as summer heat & winter cold battling it out to see which one of them can throw us the weirdest weather.

5- Guess what happened on April 15, 1952.  Hint: Eight motors.

C- Why was the newsman called a potato?
D- He was a common-tater.

6- I was reading and recalling Apollo 11’s return to earth from the first moon landing.  The astronauts had to spend 3 weeks in quarantine after they returned to earth.  They spent it in a small camper.  Not able to go outside.  Pres. Nixon went to the aircraft carrier Hornet to visit with the astronauts.  They were Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, & Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong.

7- What 2 spacecraft are the farthest from earth (at this time)?  And how fast are they traveling?

E- How do baseball players stay cool?
F- They sit next to the fans.

With a bowling ball for a crystal ball,

Ranger Skits: by Thomas Mercaldo

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