Sit. Rep. #35: LO then LOGIN, and ISP

“Face piles of trials with smiles.”  (Moody Blues – In the Beginning)  Check out the Moody Blues on Youtube.  A wonderful 1970’s band.

1- If you have ever looked at becoming a public servant in any capacity;  look up FEMA – ISP.  ISP means Independent Study Program.  Take a couple of their online courses:  IS-001, IS-007, IS-0022.  Informative, useful, & you get credit in the FEMA database.

2- Your First Aid skills will also help you pass Orienteering, Emergency Preparedness, and Electricity MB’s.  Also lookup Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).  How can you & how can we as a Troop help in a disaster or emergency?

A- Why did Cinderella get booted off of the soccer team?
B- She was always running away from the ball.

3- Captain, your submarine has 1 major limiting factor.  That limiting factor is FOOD!  It is the one thing you can not produce on board.

4- The first computer to computer communication (the first actual networking of computers) was on 29 October 1969.  The transmission that was sent and received was the 2 letters “LO”.  Then the system crashed.  The message was sent by UCLA student programmer Charles S. Kline at 10:30 pm.  About an hour later the systems had been rebooted and the full word was passed  “LOGIN”.  On December 5, 1969, 4 computers had been established as a 4 node network.
    The internet was made available to the public for the first time on August 6, 1991.  The first video was posted to YouTube on April 23, 2005.

C- Why did the golfer pack an extra pair of pants in his golf bag?
D- In case he had a hole-in-one.

The Valve will look like a solid rectangle sitting right above the pipe. A long, stout pair of pliers is the tool you need.

5- Do you know how to turn the water off (at the street or at the pump panel) in case of a water leak? Some houses have an internal main cut-off at the waterline entrance to the house.  The water turn-off should be at the meter (if on a city / municipal system).
   Do you know how to turn off a circuit breaker in case of an electrical accident?  Ask your folks to show you.  Every house is different (almost).  The electrical panel (maybe inside or maybe outside) should be close to where the power company connects the power lines to the house.  Don’t touch – follow the lines with your eyes.


Thanks, Wikipedia

6- Now try to tie the Sheet Bend knot.  The sheet bend and the bowline are the same knot tied from opposite ends.  If using mismatched rope,  Use the smaller or slicker rope to be the running end.  Use it to tie around the bight (or bite).  If you want to get real slick – tie the Sheet Bend and make it “slippery”.  Or tie a Double Sheet Bend.

E- What do baseball teams & waffles have in common?
F- They both need a good batter.

  7- I assert that you have not yet reached your full potential.  So what innovation and imagination are you going to apply to make your future  (our future)  better?

Retired & still taking online and in-person classes to better myself – so I can be a better Scout Leader and resource for you,

The Big Ginormous Book of Clean Jokes and Riddles: by Thomas Mercaldo

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