Sit. Rep. #32: Gold, Clean & Sharp

More on knives:

1- Buy the best that you can afford.  Take care of it like it was gold.  Take care of all your tools & camping gear likewise.   With the multiple options available I like the multi-tool over the simple Case or Barlow knives.
     Choose from a good brand that you can trust.  I like Gerber, SOG, Swiss Army Knives, and Leatherman.  (I have a SOG in my pocket)   Amazon Warehouse starts at around 40 $.
    Add a lanyard or clip-n-string so you can boil the knife before using it with food and boil again after finishing eating.  Clean before boiling.  Boiling only sterilizes.  Only dip the clean knife into the boiling water to sterilize. 

Fire Notes:

2-  Take a piece of clear glass and add 1 drop of water.  Now you have a lens.  You can take that lens to focus sunlight onto a pile of tinder to start a fire. 
2A- Remember to have at least 2 ball caps of tender & 2 ball caps of kindling ready before starting the fire.  Have more firewood at the ready but out of the fire circle.
       Do not leave the fire unattended!  If used for signaling, choose the site for the fire close to a peak or a ridge so it can easily be seen. 
       Do not use rocks from any body of water to build the fire ring.  Choose an existing fire ring if at all possible.

A- What do you call the hill that campers cook on?
B- A mountain range.


3- How do you know how to tie your shoelaces?  You were taught.  Then you practiced under guidance.  Then you did it by yourself.   By now you are pretty good at it.  I bet you can even tie them in the dark.   Why?  You practice tying your shoes every day. 

(HINT! – practice your knots every chance you get.  During commercials on TV or while riding in the car on a trip.)

     Pick a second Scout Knot (you should have been doing the Square Knot for a while now.)  I suggest the bowline. The bowline can be used to connect 2 different sizes of rope together.  DO NOT exceed a ratio of 3 to 4 on the sizes/diameters of rope.  If the ropes are slippery or you are unsure,  leave enough of each end to add an additional knot – called a securing knot.
     When I am learning a new knot; I use 2 different solid colors of rope.  That way I can see what I am doing & what I did wrong.  It helps a lot.

4- How do knots work?  Think Physics class.

C: What kind of knots are tied on the Space Station?
D: Astro-knots.

Ham Radio:

5- DC Power:   Power is the rate at which electrical energy is generated or consumed. Power is measured in watts. We use the letter P to stand for power and the letter W to stand for watts.

       Which term describes the rate at which electrical energy is used?      Power
       Electrical power is measured in which of the following units?            Watts

   To calculate power, we multiply the voltage across a circuit by the current flowing through the circuit. We write this equation P = E I.

       What is the formula used to calculate electrical power in a DC circuit? 
               Power (P) equals voltage (E) multiplied by current (I)

  With units P (watts) = E (volts) multiplied by I (amps)   The electric bill comes measured in kWh.  That means Kilo Watt Hours.  Or Thousand Watt Hours.

E- Why did the new Scout salute the refrigerator?
F- It was General Electric.

Scouting’s Buddy System:

6- The BUDDY SYSTEM in scouting is one of the ways we keep each other safe.  We use the Buddy System on trips when swimming, at camp, and other times when called for by the SPL or SM.

Have a good night,

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