Sit. Rep. #31: Clean & Sharp

 I will keep putting posers out there.  Doable questions for Scouts.  The ones that take smart Scout Answers.

1- Parallel Circuits:  R1 & R2 are in a circuit parallel to each other.  Because both components are connected directly to the voltage source, the voltage across them will be the same.
    This voltage will cause currents to flow through each of the resistors.   I1 = V/R1, and I2 = V/R2.  Remember I = current measured in Amps.
   The total current, I, is equal to I1 + I2. If R1 = R2, then the same current flows through both resistors. If the resistors have different values, then I1 will be different from I2.

    In which type of circuit is voltage the same across all components?

   What is the voltage across each of two components in parallel with a voltage source?
           The same voltage as the source

   What happens to the current at the junction of two components in parallel?
           It divides between them depending on the value of the components

All of these are Ham Test Questions.

2- Things in your pockets when going on a hike:  Whistle, Fire Starter/matches/lighter ( min. 2 ), Pocket knife, Compass, bandana or neckerchief, Canteen & water purification tablets,  Small First Aid pack, Food bar,  Mylar space/rescue blanket.  What else should you carry?  Don’t forget to wear a hat.  Google Docs. Check List – Pocket Stuff.

A- Why are you scratching?
B- Because no one else knows where I itch.

3- Sophocles, an ancient Greek writer said: ” Kindness is the begetter of kindness.

4- What Good Turn have you done today? 

5- There are 5 planets that you can see with the naked eye:  Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn.  Mercury and Venus can only be seen close to dawn & just after sunset.   Because each planet’s rotation around the sun is different; they never appear to be in different places in the sky from year to year.  The word PLANET comes from the Ancient Greek, planetai,  meaning “wandering star”.  

C- Why did the baseball coach go to the bakery?
D- Because he needed a batter.

6- Knife Care:  DO’s:  Keep blade closed unless using.   Cutaway from yourself.   Keep clean, sharp, and rust-free.    Make sure that you have a safe zone around you when using a knife.
  Do’s:   Close the knife before passing to another.    Make sure that you have a good grip and have control of the knife before saying “Thank You.”  Then & only then the other person should let go after hearing “Thank You”.  I suggest that you wear leather gloves when carving wood with a knife.

     Dont’s:  Throw a knife (open or closed).   Pry with the knife blade – the blade is only strong in 1 direction.   Don’t put it into the fire – it destroys the temper of the steel.   Don’t use the knife as a hammer.   Don’t use the knife as a splitting wedge – don’t hit it with anything.
  If you are buying a knife – I like knives that LOCK open.  That way the blade should not fold closed on your hand.  There may be more Do’s & Dont’s; BE SAFE!

Looking for an English Major to help edit my writing……  Nothing can help my jokes -),

E- Why did the 2 by 4 fall asleep?
F- It was board.

Dan Romanchik KB6NU, Ham Radio Technician Study Guide

The U.S. Presidents Joke Book by Thomas Mercaldo

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