Sit. Rep. #30: Watch, Don’t Touch!

Hi,  We have several things dangling.  Let’s tackle a couple.

1- We looked at parallel & series electrical circuits.  Different things happen in each type of circuit.  We will look at both.  Current is measured in Amps.   Example –  2 Resistors in Series:  R1 & R2
    There is only one path for the current to flow in a SERIES CIRCUIT.  So the same current flows through both resistors.  And, because the voltage across the resistors is equal to I x R,  (V= I x R) the voltage across each of the resistors will depend on the value of the resistors.

     If R1 = R2, then the voltage will be the same across both resistors.  Because the same current flows through both resistors.   If R1 does not equal R2; then the voltages will be different.   In either case, the sum of the two voltages will equal the voltage of the voltage source.

  In which type of circuit is current the same through all components?
  What happens to the current at the junction of two components in series?
       It is unchanged
  What is the voltage across each of two components in series with a voltage source?
       It is determined by the type and value of the components

2- The Lyrid Meteor shower is this week with the best viewing night is predicted to be Tuesday.  Turn off all the lights that you can & give your eyes about 30 mins. to adjust to the darkness to see the most. 

     A lawn chair, and a blanket, and hot chocolate will help.  Do a clear weather dance. -)  Trivia data:  Meteors hit Earth’s atmosphere at ~ 109,600 MPH.  (That is faster than a Scout can ask for seconds after a camping trip.)

After having children, Adam and Eve started getting a lot of questions from their
kids about why they no longer lived in Eden.
Adam’s simple answer: “Your mother ate us out of house and home.”

3-  From SR- 20: 4- Let us play a mind game:  You are the new Captain of a US Navy Nuclear Submarine.  Your assignment is to see how long your boat can stay underwater.  You know that Nuke Boats can generate their own electricity, heat, air conditioning, water, and oxygen.  What is the limiting factor that you must confront to complete your assignment?

4- Canoe Paddle Parts:  Grip, Shaft, Throat, Shoulder, Blade, & Tip.  If you have to push off of a rock, which part of the paddle do you push off with?  How many canoe/paddle strokes do you know?

Overheard conversation between inquisitive daughter and father minister:
“How do you know what to say?” she asked.
“Why, God tells me.”
“Oh, then why do you keep crossing things out?”

5- When this Covid-19 is over; plan on having a family reunion.  This would be a great time to interview relatives.  Catch up on memories.  (My family reunions were GREAT for homemade eats!!!!!!)  Ask everyone to bring pictures of their homes to put into a family scrapbook. Create a family history.

6- Find some Poison Ivy to observe.  Watch it for 8 months.  The new plants have a funny, dark green waxy look that seems to make the leaves shine or at least glossy.   Do NOT touch.  Most folks are allergic to the resin in the plant.  I break out in a horrible rash that itches and itches!

The new leaves do not have the characteristic 3 points yet.  Some stems do not have the 3 leaves.  Keep away and keep observing (without touching) all summer & into the fall.  Figuring out this plant will keep you from scratching and possibly shots from the Doctor.
     NEVER, NEVER, NEVER burn Poison Ivy vines or any part of the plant.  The smoke can get into your lungs and really hurt you.

A Sunday school teacher asked the children just before sending them to go to church,
“And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?”
Little Johnny replied, “Because people are sleeping.”

7- Today is Orthodox Easter.  Why are there 2 different Easters and when is each celebrated?


Scoutmaster’s Minutes by Thomas Mercaldo

Dan Romanchik KB6NU, (Ham Radio)  Technician Study Guide

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