Sit. Rep. #3: STEM & Yoda Hertz?

Ham Radio:

1- Just in case you are interested;  Ham radio will help you on your STEM, and the following MB’s:   Radio, Electricity, Electronics, Astronomy, Space Exploration, Communication, and Engineering…

2- We talked about the speed of light in a vacuum C= 300 M Meters / Sec. I am going to use the term “RF” instead of Radio Frequency. (wrap your head around this)  Light is a sub-set of RF.  VERY, VERY high-frequency RF.

3- Everything in Ham Radio is METRIC – with 1 exception.  Antenna Length is measured in English / Imperial units — i.e. Inches & feet & yards.

SI multiples

Submultiples   Multiples
Value SI symbol Name Value SI symbol Name
10−1 Hz dHz decihertz 101 Hz daHz decahertz
10−2 Hz cHz centihertz 102 Hz hHz hectohertz
10−3 Hz mHz millihertz 103 Hz kHz kilohertz
10−6 Hz µHz microhertz 106 Hz MHz megahertz
10−9 Hz nHz nanohertz 109 Hz GHz gigahertz
10−12 Hz pHz picohertz 1012 Hz THz terahertz
10−15 Hz fHz femtohertz 1015 Hz PHz petahertz
10−18 Hz aHz attohertz 1018 Hz EHz exahertz
10−21 Hz zHz zeptohertz 1021 Hz ZHz zettahertz
10−24 Hz yHz yoctohertz 1024 Hz YHz yottahertz
Common prefixed units are in boldface.

Don’t get to wrapped around this – Ham Radio uses kHz & Mhz and almost none of the rest.  (Thanks to Wikipedia)

4- (big equation – useful equation)  C= Frequency * Wavelength. C= 300 M Meters/sec   This is always constant in Ham Radio. 300 M Meters / sec. = Frequency * Wave Length

5- The term HERTZ (Hz) means Cycles per Second. (named after Heinrich Rudolf Hertz who proved electromagnetic radiation existed between 1886 & 1889 – neat guy – read about his experiments)

     Let us take FM Broadcast Radio example:  The radio station on your FM Dial is 92.3.   92.3 means 92.3 Mega Hertz. or 92.3 MHz. 

     Conversely TV Ch 8 (FOX 8) broadcasts at 572 MHz.  “Channel 8” has no relation to the frequency that it broadcasts on.  The numbers on the AM dial stand for kHz. (FYI)

6- C= Frequency * Wavelength. Frequency measured in Hz.  And Wavelength measured in Meters.

A- My grades are underwater.
B- Underwater – what do you mean?
A- Below C level.

More later,

C- Where did the Chinese get the materials to build the Great Wall of China?
D- Wal-Mart of course.

Dare to Soar by Thomas Mercaldo

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