Sit. Rep. #29: First things First

 1-Thanks to the parent that asked the question about how Scouting worked.    Thank you to both Larry & Vann for their comments.  All questions and comments are welcome.

2-  Suppose you went out on a walk and then found yourself lost.  It is around 4 pm in April.  You do not have a coat or cell phone or anything else in your pockets to help you out. It is clear & sunny.  And you know if the weather is clear and the temperatures will drop overnight.  It will get cold.
     However, you remember that your Scout Leaders always said to find water, to build a fire, & to sit tight close to the fire.  That way help could come and find you.  But you are thirsty.  You decide to walk downhill and you find a stream.  You can’t even find two rocks to strike against each other for a spark.
     Beside the stream, you find a piece of clear glass.  You can start a fire now if you know-how.  How would you start a fire?  

A- What kind of pet makes the loudest noise?
B- A trum-pet.

3- One of the things I notice about this Covid-19 situation is; I try to enjoy & be thankful for all the small & large things that are going well.  My roof did not leak in the rainstorm.  I heard one bird even singing during the rain.  I have food in the pantry.  I have my health.  I have clean water.  I have friends & family that we check in on each other.  I have the Troop and my Scout friends.  Even as an old guy, I have a future to live into and be thankful for.

4- I have a few personal First Aid “Firsts” things that I practice. 

  • #1- Is the scene safe for me to enter.  Has the hazard gone away?  Ex:  Has the snake gone away?  Is the electricity off?  Is the car stabilized so I can enter?
  • #1- Is the patient willing for me to treat them?  If they are not willing – DO NOT touch them!  Call 911 & stay at some distance & record what happened.
  • #1- Is the patient sane?  This includes diabetic &/or mental &/or drug cases that may turn on you.
  • #1- Is this a real patient?  There are some “actors” that are trying to lure you into a bad situation.
  • #1- Do I have a backup?  What if things go wrong?  Who is going to help me out?  Get help coming!

5- This may be the hard part to understand.  You must, must, must not become a patient or a victim.  Your safety is your first priority!

C- Why did the student stop using her pencil?
D- It was pointless.

More tomorrow,

Dare to Soar by Thomas Mercaldo

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