Sit. Rep. #28: Checklist/s & Feedback

1- Let me share Scout Masters and Troop Committee Chair’s comments:

    “The main idea, as I see it, is to encourage the scout to pick an area of advancement that they want or need. Many of the merit badges that are required have items that can be done over time. Examples are Personal Fitness, Family Life, and Personal Management that require ~ 90 days of recording.

    Younger scouts can practice the Scout and Tenderfoot requirements so they are ready to advance once the troop can start meeting. The school work is most important but Scout work can break up the routine. Some of the info applies to all and some might be useful only to a few.

   The Scout Master’s earlier email suggested they work on pre-requirements for summer camp merit badges. The emails from Gaither are just ideas or areas a scout might want to learn more about.
Hope this is helpful.” Larry – TC

Well said Gaither.  Thank you for your emails!

Vann – SM


2- I would like some feedback from the Scouts regarding what they want to explore & need help with.

A- What is as sharp as a Vampire’s fang?
B- His other fang.

3- There are 3 main types of axes.  1- A Hatchet, 2- Felling Axe, 3- Splitting maul.  Each design is built for different jobs.  Be careful no matter which you use.
     The heads & handles vary many times over.  How would you set up an axe yard to be safe?

4- I learned “7 Keys” too low impact / leave no trace camping. 

  • Pre-plan your trip carefully. 
  • Travel on the trails and do not take shortcuts. 
  • Choose your campsite carefully and not in a sensitive area. 
  • Build a fire only when needed & only as big as necessary.
  • A Scout is Clean in campsite sanitation. 
  • Pack animals should be kept to a minimum and cared for with equal sensitivity to low impact. 
  • Courtesy to fellow hikers & campers includes keeping noise to a minimum.

Google Docs link:

C- That soda just hit me in the head!
D- Lucky it was a soft drink.

5- I like checklists.  Do you have a checklist for backpacking?  For car camping?  For service projects?  Should we develop a checklist for everyone to use?

E- What is a tree’s favorite drink?
F-  Root Beer.


Run-Ons and Even More Scout Skits by Thomas Mercaldo

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