Sit. Rep. #27: Feedback

1- Sometimes I sit down to do these Sit. Reps. and start typing.  And I just watch where they go.  I have made some notes of things I could cover and keep us in touch for many months.
    BUT I really, really would like to hear from each of you.  What do you like?  What do you need?  What topics/advancement would help the Scout & the Troop & the families?

THANK YOU to the folks that have written!!!

2- For the new Scouts and families of the Troop who may be wondering what this site is all about, it may help you to begin by reading this page: Welcome to the campfire!  Have a seat & sit a spell…

A- Which hand do you write with?
B- Neither.
A- How do you write?
B- With a pen.

3- New Scouts:  I suggest that you pick a knot to practice tying this week.  Practice several times a day.  ( HINT: at least 10 times a day ) Do this for a week doing the same knot.  Let’s start with a Square Knot.  It is also called a Reef Knot, or the First Aid Knot.  ABK # 74.
    It is to NEVER be used alone as a Life Safety Knot.  The ends of the 2 ropes must be the same diameter, same rope construction, and same rope material.
   The diameter of rope (or line) is expressed in either Imperial or Metric terms.  ie:  1/2″ rope, or 13 mm rope.  Sometimes you will see special designations such as 550 cord or 750 cord or parachute cord.
   The rope is usually either Braided or Laid,  Laid rope looks like a spiral.  It can be either Left or Right hand depending on the spiral.  It is sometimes called Twisted Rope.
   The braided rope looks more like a weave.  It is more difficult to manufacture and to splice.  Half of the individual strands go clockwise (CW) and the other half go counterclockwise (CCW).
   Kernmantle Rope is a third type of rope construction and is a combination of both braided and laid construction.  The inner core/s of Kernmantle Rope are laid.  Then they have an outer, protective sheath of braided rope.  Kernmantle is actually German for “core” (kern) and “sheath” (mantle).
  Rope materials can be cotton, nylon, rayon, hemp, jute, manila, sisal, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, and kevlar.

C- What has four legs but can not walk?
D- A Chair.

4- Electrical circuits (and a lot of other things) are connected in Series or in Parallel.  Let us try to understand these two words and how they apply to electrical circuits.
     Series:  Connected in series means to connect one output to the second item input.  If you connected 2 6V batteries together (correctly) in series then you would have 12 V output.
Parallel:  Connected in parallel means to connect both to the same starting point & both to the same ending point.  If you have the same 2 6V batteries connected (correctly) together, then your output is 6 volts but would last twice as long as before.
Analogy: 2 50′ garden hoses connected in Series make a 100′ hose with one outlet.  The same 2 50′ hoses connected in Parallel give you two outlets 50′ away.

E- What kind of shoes does a ninja warrior wear?
F- Sneakers.

5- Have you ever had to call 911 for emergency help and assistance?
     Usually, the first question is “What is the address of the emergency?”  You have to know where you are located.  A street address, Latitude / Longitude, prominent landmark or location, trail name & approximate mileage from the trailhead, mile marker on a given highway, are all good starters.
   The second thing you need to know is what kind of emergency:  Fire, car wreck, medical, rescue, crime, crime in progress, severe weather such as flooding or damages to buildings, or a motorist needs assistance.
    The last thing is who are you & what number are you calling from?
    Be calm and give the most accurate data that you can provide.
    Get help coming & then try to be of assistance.

G- What is the Werewolf’s favorite airport?
H- O’Hare.

Be safe,

The U.S. Presidents Joke Book by Thomas Mercaldo

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