Sit. Rep. #27B- Feedback Question #1

 I got the following feedback/question last night from a parent.
“Is my Scout supposed to be using the info in these emails & posts to work on badges?”

     Let me take a few moments to explain.  Our SM & Troop Committee Chair may want to add their comments.  Below are my thoughts and understandings of the Scout system.

#1  The Scout Handbook and the Merit Badge pamphlets are the sources for ALL advancement.  A Scout &/or Scout Leader may not deviate, change, or alter those requirements with only 2 exceptions.
       First exception:  This is due to the current CoVid-19 that we are in.  National BSA and the local councils have some discretion in changing those stated requirements.
        Second exception:  This is due to a Scout that is “challenged” either mentally or physically.  If this occurs then a parent and leader conference is in order.  I have also run these requirement changes past my council DE when the situation required me to change the requirements.

#2 There is no mandatory way to advance through the Scout program.  Example: If a Scout wants to pass off all of his knots in one session; I am OK with that.  Note: The Scout may not pass First Class before he/she completes Second Class. 

#3 My personal objective is to put as much information and skills into a Scout that I possibly can.  I (almost always) teach more than is required for particular skill advancement.  Example: I teach Scouts the following:  Granny Knot, Grief Knot, Surgeons Knot, a Single Slippery Square Knot, a Double Slippery Square Knot, Double Overhand knot, and a Thief’s Knot as variations to a Square Knot. 

    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I (any Scout Leader) can only test what is required in the Scout Handbook or the Merit Badge Pamphlets to pass the advancement requirement.

#4  The purpose of the e-mails is for the Troop to stay connected and working toward advancement.  Let us all use this virus as an opportunity instead of as a sinkhole.   I try to keep them interesting and varied.  The troop has Scouts in all stages of advancement.
    I challenge each Scout to learn something new.  I have asked for input as to which topics/requirements I should concentrate on.   My method is to not lecture on one topic for a week (YUCK).  Sometimes I add inspirational or thought-provoking questions, quotes, & thoughts.  Every Scout is learning about their world and their universe as am I.

#5 Thank you for asking the question.  I hope this helps all to understand what & how & why I am sending these out.

Your servant in Scouting,

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