Sit. Rep. #24: Reagan’s idea on Service

1: In interviewing your family, ask some of these questions:  When & where were you born?  How many states and countries have you ever visited?  Which was the most fun? Interesting? Where did you learn the most?  What was the culture like there?  Music? Art? Cooking? (Hint: Best dish/recipe) Political hierarchy?  Were you in Scouts as a kid?  What were Scouts like back then?  Who is someone famous that you want to meet?

A- My boyfriend has a birthday next week and I want to give him a big surprise.
B- Tell him your real age.

2: Name the different parts of a canoe and a paddle.  How does a Life Jacket work?  What is the same about a canoe paddle & a boat oar?

3: Try tying some knots in the dark.  It is good practice for setting up camp after sunset.  Practice, practice, practice.   Let me suggest 2 books if you like knots.

The Morrow Guide to Knots: for Sailing, Fishing, Camping, Climbing by Mario Bigon,  A used copy is on Amazon for about 5$.  It is the best book on how to tie knots that I know.  I highly suggest this one for all.

The Ashley Book of Knots by Clifford W. Ashley,  This book has over 3,000 knots.  It runs around 60 $.  It is not easy to learn from but is considered the best collection of knots.  If you ever see ABK beside a knot with a number, that refers to the knot # in Ashley’s book.  All the knots are numbered in his book. 

C- Why did the Judge send the painting to jail?
D- It was framed. 

4:  A quote from Pres. Ronald Reagan:  ” We can’t help everyone.  But everyone can help someone.” 

5: Learn the parts of an axe handle and axe head. 

E- Why did the chicken cross the playground?
F- To get to the other slide.

6: Short history lesson in technology:  What happened at the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair that determined the technological use of energy today?
     Nikola Tesla was awarded the contract to supply electricity to the fair using Alternating Current (AC).  He beat out his Direct Current (DC) competitor named Thomas Edison of light bulb fame.
     From the fair, Tesla was awarded a contract to supply AC electricity to the city of Buffalo, NY.  As you may say the rest is history.

G- How do bees groom themselves?
H- They use honeycombs.

Waiting on the mud to dry out to do some gardening,

Thanks to Thomas Mercaldo’s book The BIG Book of Camping Jokes and Riddles:

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