Sit. Rep. #23: Team = Together

1- Even though we are not together at Troop meetings,  We are not together doing service projects together,   We are not together camping and going on trips and outings together;  WE ARE STILL TOGETHER – WE ARE A BSA SCOUT TROOP.  No one is alone in this situation!
If anyone needs support of any kind, we as a troop &/or troop leadership will help.

2- Does anyone in your family take prescription medicines (RX)?  Read the label of the medicine and look for the generic name.  What is it prescribed for?  What are the contraindications?  What are the side effects?  If that person ever has to go to the hospital, take/send the meds with that person.  The medical staff needs to know what a patient is taking.  

Note: RX means “recipe” in Latin.  Today we mean prescription drugs.

A- What kind of person lives the longest?
B- A rich relative.

3- Did you feel the air this afternoon just before it rained?  Notice the difference of how the air can feel and what it tells you about what is happening or about to happen.  Notice how the air feels just after sunset.  Paying attention to the clouds, wind, and feel of the air you can forecast the weather for yourself.

4- Let me add another method of growing plants.  It is called “rooting”.  You take a small cutting from a plant and put the cutting into the soil.  (add some enzymes if you have some… read the directions.)  Water and put into a gentle sun location.  I plan to do some azalea cuttings after the blooms fall off.   A small pinch of fertilizer will help.

C- Why did you leave your home country for the US?
D- I couldn’t bring it with me.

5-  I have asked several questions.  No responses.  Keep guessing.

6-  Electricity, Electronics & Ham Radio:
Ohm’s Law is the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance in an electrical circuit. When you know any two of these values, you can calculate the third.
The most basic equation for Ohm’s Law is E = I*R.  E=Voltage,  I=Current (called Amps),  R= Resistance in Ohms.
In other words, when you know the current flowing through a circuit and the resistance of the circuit, you can calculate the voltage across the circuit by multiplying these two values.

What formula is used to calculate voltage in a circuit?
     Voltage (E) equals current (I) multiplied by resistance (R)  E = I*R

What is the resistance of a circuit in which a current of 3 amps flows through a resistor connected to 90 volts?
     30 ohms    R = E ÷ I = 90 V ÷ 3 A = 30 Ω

E- What is the difference between a piano and a fish?
F- You can’t tune-a-fish.

Chuckles to all,

The Scout Riddle Book:  by Thomas Mercaldo

Dan Romanchik KB6NU, (Ham Radio)  Technician Study Guide

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