Sit. Rep. #21: Bandanas for everyone

1- If you ever need a service project, contact The Land Conservancy.  The local conservancy is called the Piedmont Land Conservancy and here is the link to their website. In the late ’90s, Troop 25 did 2 service projects a couple of years apart for the Piedmont Land Conservancy.  What we did was like a Big Sweep in between High Point & Jamestown.  We collected many hundreds of pounds of recyclables and trash.   We covered only part of 2 creeks.  It was muddy, wet, productive, and fun.  We did them in early September so the weather was on our side.

A- What is the Werewolf’s favorite shopping store?
B- Beast Buy.

2- Let me suggest 2 humorous books about the outdoors.  A Walk In The Woods by Bryson.  He & an ill-equipped friend try to hike the AT.  Their misadventures are funny.   A Fine & Pleasant Misery by McManus.  He recounts his youth and outdoor adventures with eloquent humor.

3- Batteries do not switch their polarity.  They produce Direct Current (DC).  It takes an “Inverter” to make Alternating Current (AC) from a battery.  Solar systems use inverters to make AC current for your house.  A watch battery may be 3V, a car battery is usually 12V but can be 24V.  Flashlight batteries vary a lot depending on the demand from the light bulb or the LED.
   AC electricity that comes out of the wall outlet has voltage and frequency.  In the US & Canada, we have 110V or 220V at 60 Hz.  60 Hz is based on the time clock.  Industrial users use higher voltages for better efficiency of their machinery.
   Most of the rest of the world works on 220V at 50 Hz.  50 Hz is based on the metric system.  If you ever have to travel outside of the US & Canada you will need a converter.  The converter will take 220V / 50 Hz and make 110V / 60 Hz.

C- What do you call a belt made out of wristwatches?
D- A waist of time.

4-  I carry a bandana all the time.   Do you carry a handkerchief, bandana, or Scout Scarf with you?  Think of all the things you can use them for.   I can also name over 30 uses for a bandana.  Try & beat me.  For a good long list check out Sit. Rep. # 97. (over 50 uses and counting)

Live long & prosper,

Dan Romanchik KB6NU, (Ham Radio)  Technician Study Guide

Youth Skits for Girls by Thomas Mercaldo

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