Sit. Rep. #19: Mentally Prepared

1- How many Scouts are spending over an hour playing video games a day? Yes, they are fun. But if you spend so much time doing playthings, then you are missing opportunities for your personal development and advancement. Limiting yourself is disciplining yourself. Discipline means, in this context, TRAINING YOURSELF.

2- Books: The data shows that reading a book is better than reading a tablet or listening to a book or to YouTube. You retain more information if you read the physical book. My personal thoughts are that YouTube and Podcasts have their place. But they do not take the place of a book.
      My favorite podcasts are TED Talks, and Astronomy Cast. I use YouTube to watch old rock & roll concerts and how to do things that I don’t have a book for. Two more books from the Classics: Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, both by Mark Twain.

A- What happened to the match that lost it’s temper?
B- It flared up.

3- Here are Ham Questions that the answer is (almost) the same:
What is the electrical term for the electromotive force that causes electron flow?
How much voltage does a mobile transceiver typically require?
        About 12 V.

When you see the word “mobile” in Ham Radio – think in the car.
Hand-Held is a Walkie Talkie or Handy Talkie (HT) that can fit in your pocket or on your belt.
Base Station is what you may use from your home (called a Ham Shack). These radios are usually bigger, have more power, and have more options.

C- To err is human.
D- But to really foul things up, requires a computer.

4- A very simple meal: Stuffed Baked Potato. Bake potatoes for the family. Start Early – they take a long time to bake.
Fry bacon & dice it up, Cut up Onions (saute them if you want), Stir Fry or steam broccoli & cauliflower, Grate some cheese (flavors are abundant- choose), Dice some bell peppers, Sun-dried tomatoes, chopped chives, sliced pepperoni, Diced ham or country ham, Chopped cabbage cooked with hamburger, mushrooms, mushroom gravy or condensed mushroom soup (don’t thin the soup), Diced real fine garlic, yesterdays chili, Black beans (dip), Salsa, serve with sour cream, butter, salt & pepper. The combinations are endless.

E- What is Dracula’s favorite town?
F- Great Neck, New York.

5- Reminder that you need to be doing physical exercise every day. Jump rope, bicycle, run, hike with your pack on (break in the new boots before camp), run the steps (like Rocky), alternate days between aerobic & strength training. And keep doing the push-ups and sit-ups & pull-ups every hour.

6- “There are times in your life when the most important thing you can possibly be is mentally prepared.” Richard Davis “Dick” Winters, Band of Brothers. “Easy” Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, of the 101st Airborne Division, (“Band of Brothers” – Wonderful TV Series, Saving Private Ryan is another great WW II movie)

Watch your 6,

Scout Games by Thomas Mercaldo

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