Sit. Rep. #161: Thoughts and Musings: Be a Scout

1- When I started these blogs, I made an internal commitment to myself and to you the reader that this was not about me.  I was writing to help and encourage youth-age Scouts and their Scout Leaders.  But for the past couple of months, I have had a massive writer’s block.  You know the stuff that gets in the way.  The stuff/junk that goes on between my ears.    Forgive me as I share some of my thoughts about me and Scouting.

2- At this point in my life I have served Scouts and Scouting in 3 different councils.  I walked away from the first 2 thinking I was done.  And both times I have left, the universe has nudged me back.  However, the nudges were not-to-suttle.  I am forever thankful for those nudges.  As I have followed those nudges; I have met some of the most wonderful people on the planet serving in Scouting and Scouts themselves.

3- What I have learned over the decades of serving is that I am good at certain things.  And I enjoy those things because I am giving myself away to others.  I am a good planner.  Wood Badge was so insightful, supportive, and reinforced my way of thinking!

Teaching, instructing, sharing is a blast for me!  I absolutely enjoy having a class.  Just a couple of weeks ago Mitch and I were standing out in a field and I was showing him some planets, constellations, and how to use them for nighttime navigation.

4- Parts of my personal philosophy:

  • Be a student of my craft.
  • Learn every day.
  • Listen to many different viewpoints.
  • Be a mentor.
  • Be a mentee/a protege.
  • Search out wisdom and the people who are wise.  Then listen to them!
  • Give knowledge to the willing.
  • Be a Leader, and a Follower, and teach Leadership all at the same time.
  • Be forever curious.  Seeking knowledge.
  • Give thanks for all of my teachers.
  • To Coach all of my students.
  • Create your own meaning by knowing the universe and yourself as you do.

5- What I wish to impart to each and everyone:  Be forever curious.  Keep searching for knowledge and answers.  Search the universe for science-based information.  Learn the difference between facts and opinion.

6- The goal is to make a positive difference in YOUR life!  If you forget my name, but you remember and are empowered with what I taught you – Then I have succeeded.

7- Be a Scout.  Be an Explorer.  Be a Scientist.  Always observing and listening.

Stay hungry for knowledge.  And thirsty for understanding,

Muse: There are 9 goddesses in Greek Mythology presiding over song, poetry, arts, and sciences.  To muse or a muse is a source of inspiration.  Muse: a guiding genius.

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