Sit. Rep. #156: Notes from Summer Camp

1- Towels: More than called for in the packing list.  I usually take at least 3.  I suggest more if a Scout is doing any water-related activities.  They may need 2 or more per day.  Check out using microfiber towels.  They are small in size.  They absorb more and they dry quicker than a cotton towel.  Be warned that they “feel” different.  Use some of them at home before packing them for camp.

1B- They can be found at auto parts stores, pet supplies stores, and in the towel section of some retailers.  Buy a large multipack and share it with the patrol or the troop to cut costs.  If you buy a bath sheet, you can cut it down into ~ 16 to 20″ square sections.  Amazon link here for a multi-pack.

Wash the brand new towels at home before packing.

2- If electricity is available, pack an extra fan to dry clothes and towels.  A clothesline and clothespins are also helpful.  A simple 5-gallon bucket can serve as a washing machine.  If you have room, take 2 buckets. One for wash and one for rinse (2 different colors).  A garden hose with an inline or end of the hose cutoff valve can be very helpful instead of carrying laundry water around the camp.

3- Please use biodegradable soap or no soap at all.  A good thorough rinsing should suffice.  Dump your wash & rinse water well away from camp and all water sources if a drain is not available.  My favorite is unscented Dr. Bonner Liquid Soap because it is safe to use in the outdoors and is biodegradable.  Unscented soap is best for not drawing critters to your camp.

4- I do not like “Family Night” except when it is the last night of camp where the family can see the Scout get the earned awards.  If Family Night happens any earlier in the camp week, it causes cases of homesickness.

5- If there has been a particularly good instructor for your Scout, please send a note or tell the Camp Director about the extra effort that the instructor put in on behalf of the Scouts.

6- Some camps have a “store” on site.  Each store is different in what is stocked and sold.  If something is forgotten the camp store may have the solution.  Or an adult resupply mission back into town may be in order.  That leads to the question of how the Scout will pay for the missing or needed item.  Each family or troop should have that planned out in advance of camp.  Some stores have a snack bar.

7- Summer camp tends to run during hot weather.  Be prepared with body power or vaseline in case of chafing or prickly heat rash.

8- Worn-out shoes are not smart at camp.  Yes, I had to duct tape several pairs of shoes this last summer that were falling apart.

9- Check for ticks twice every 24 hours.  At least 8 hours apart.  Each and every Scout should check his/her entire body.  If a tick is found attached, then follow your camp or troop’s medical protocol for tick removal, treatment, and documentation.

10- If your Scout has any special needs, or has any learning disabilities, then the Scout Leader and the camp need to know that!  This can range from ADD to ADHD, to Allergies, to any medical condition other than healthy.  Make sure that all the required vaccinations are up to date and documented.  Avoid changing any medicines less than a month before camp (if all possible).

11- Leather work gloves may come in handy for Service Projects.

******- PAY ATTENTION to the required paperwork, physical forms, and pre-requisites before camp!!!  ******

****** – Send a copy with the Scout and a backup copy with the Scout Leader!!! ******

****** – Have a copy ready to e-mail or fax to camp from home. ******

Semper Paratus,

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