Sit. Rep. #152: Remember / Reminders…


  • Print out the directions to the trailhead or camp for the driver.  Electronics do not always work.  Be Prepared with a backup.
  • A copy of printed directions with each vehicle/driver/co-pilot.
  • 2 copies of all permits, reservations, and contacts.  A copy with 2 different folks.
  • Trail maps, Topo maps – 2 copies with each Patrol.
  • Everyone should have a First Aid Kit and Trauma Kit with each patrol.
  • Equipment and cooking gear checked out.
  • Extra toilet paper.
  • Pack earlier than the night before departure… Day or 2 before.
  • Purchase food earlier than the night before departure… Day or 2 before.
  • Medical Forms and parental permission.  Medical clearance.  Medical Insurance information.
  • Weather forecast, review (go/nogo) if the weather is iffy or worse.
  • Trip partners ready.  Mentally, equipment, packed, skill sets, physical conditioning, physically…
  • Review/double-check who is responsible for what equipment.
  • Scout Advancement materials, books, and forms.
  • Special items like binoculars, bicycles, horse tack, star chart, camera, telescope, ham radio… (spare batteries & chargers)
  • Home front taken care of in your absence.  (pets, mail, security…)
  • Duty Roster.
  • Safety gear.  (Bike helmets, life jackets (PFDs)…)
  • RX Meds.   OTC Meds.
  • Repair kits and tools.
  • Sharpen all knives.  Inspect and oil all tools.
  • Clean out the vehicles before leaving on the trip. And again before parking at trailhead/camp.

2- Etiquette Reminders:

  • Leave No Trace, Take only pictures & memories ( and funny stories about your fellow campers)
  • Be courteous to everyone
  • Take breaks off of the trail
  • Stop early when meeting horse riders.  Step off to the lower side of the trail and stop talking.  No sudden movements.
  • No pets or pets always on a leash
  • Pack out your trash and waste
  • Do not feed the animals
  • No bushwhacking or shortcuts – stay on the trail
  • Mind your manners…Remember to use – Please, Thank You, and smile.

A: What did the freight elevator say?
B: I think I am coming down with something.


C: Why did the city slicker not want to hunt elephants?
D: He afraid to carry the decoys.

3- Meeting Plans & Notes:
Camping and personal checklists.
Use “show & tell” to demo what & how to prepare for a trip.

Semper Paratus,

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