Sit. Rep. #15: Yum or Yuck Menus

1- The reason that you stay away from Ham Band Frequency edges are:
•A. To allow for calibration error in the transmitter frequency display
•B. So that modulation sidebands do not extend beyond the band edge
•C. To allow for transmitter frequency drift
•D. All of these choices are correct

2- Notice when you look at the BSA Requirements up through First Class; Every skill/requirement is a lifelong skill that you can use. The MB Program is to introduce you to additional facets of life. Get Prepared.

A- Why did the hog have an upset tummy?
B- It pigged out at dinner.

3- Learn how to hand wash the dishes. Like you have to do on a camping trip.

3B- Plan a week’s worth of menus and make a shopping list with a budget. Remember the spices. – Figure out sales & use of coupons that may make your menus cheaper &/or more nutritious. – What are your family’s “comfort” foods? (beef stew tops my list with cornbread & molasses) – Try using the slow cooker/crockpot. – Try baking something. Learn the difference between Baking & Broiling while using the oven.

C- What plays music with your hair?
D- A head-band.

4- Do you have a career in mind? Start asking questions: – What kind of education do I need to get there? – In particular, what kind of coursework do I need to better prepare myself to get that job? – What will help me advance in that career? (more education, more skills, better leadership capability, volunteer/community service work…..) – Who can mentor me? – Can I intern there or work part-time during summer vacations or after school? – What ancillary industries or skills will help me in my job? – What is the history of that industry?

     It is totally OK to change your mind about your career goals.

5- A quote from author Jim Rohn: “Life is a unique combination of “want to” and “how-to,” We need to give equal attention to both.”

6- Look to the west just after sunset. Find the Pleiades star cluster – aka the Seven Sisters. It looks like an itty bitty version of the Big Dipper.

Relearning my Abacus,

E- What happens when you photograph the Invisible Man
F- Nothing shows.

Scout Jokes by Thomas Mercaldo

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