Sit. Rep. #143: Pirates and Pasta

1- You may have noticed that these Sit. Rep.s have a lot of references to WEATHER.  When we are at home, car, school, church, the gym, friend’s house… we are out of the weather and that is about as much as we think about it.  Except when to go out into the weather we wear a raincoat, or wool sweater, or a hat … just for the brief trip to the car and later back into a building.

BUT! When we are camping or boating we are much closer / exposed to the weather for longer time periods.  What does this mean to us?  Be prepared with clothing, equipment, diet/food & water, and a Plan B in case of serious weather.  Note that Plan B may be to cancel the trip entirely.  Better safe and wise.

A personal practice of mine is to pack a poncho and an extra pair of wool socks (in a water-tight bag) on EVERY trip.  And an additional warm layer even in the middle of summer.

K: I think that I sing like a bird.  What do you think?
L: I think you sing like a pirate. 
K: What – a pirate?
L: Yep.  It is murder on the high C’s.

2- I like to pack several days before a backpacking trip.  (Usually the weekend before.)  I go over my checklist and then sleep on it.  It is amazing how many things that I remember overnight to add to my pack.  (keep pen & note pad beside the bed)  Depending on how the trip is planned; I either pack the food early or leave space for food in my packing.

M:  What might a chicken use to cover a sneeze? A hen-kerchief!
N:  What’s a great place for a chicken to sightsee? Stone-hen-ge.


3- I do not like electronics on a trip.  Except: I take an emergency cell phone – but do not turn it on except in an emergency!

4- I ALWAYS consider the weather “ify”.  By that, I mean that I always keep an eye on the weather.  I have never met a perfect weather forecast.  My / our safety is not the weather forecaster’s concern.  It is my / our responsibility!  Everyone on the trip should be observing the weather!

O:  What do you call a fake noodle?
P: An impasta!

Semper Paratus,

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