Sit. Rep. #142: New Scouts Crossing Over

1- My Troop holds the Cross Over Ceremony in the Spring of each year.  We try to make sure that the new Scouts get to meet and are acquainted with the Troop, the Troop Leadership and methods, and with the Troop Adults.  We have a specific camping trip to get the new Scouts thru the Scout Requirements.  Part of the madness of this method is so that they can advance in Summer Camp at a faster pace.  That allows Tenderfoot to be accomplished before Christmas break.

E: Who is your favorite princess?
F: Taco Belle of the Ball… I’m hungry.

2- The process has several benefits:

  • Advancement takes place early & easily
  • Usually, the whole patrol advances at the same time
  • Fall Court of Honor shows everyone that progress is happening (esp: parents get to see the awards)
  • The Scout has pride in the accomplishments
  • Campouts and outings become familiar
  • Planning and Leadership for events gets everyone involved
  • Skills and skillsets are growing
  • The new Scouts figure out that the older Scouts are still progressing and advancing
  • The new Scouts get coaching from the older Scouts

G: Why did the teacher send the Duck out of class?
H: It was making Wise Quacks.

3- Some new Scouts may be able to tackle some (easy) Merit Badges.  Explain the Required MBs.  And show how many MBs are elective.  Explain the MB Counselor process.  Please point out the importance of record-keeping that applies to EVERY MB and to the collective MBs that lead to the Eagle Award.

I: Why was the Nail so MAD?
J: It kept getting hit on the Head!

4- Meeting Plans & Notes:
Introduce the concept of the Patrol Leaders Council, Patrol Leaders, and Adult Leadership
When does your Troop hold unit elections?
Show and explain the EDGE Method
With parents – go over Youth Protection
And Guide to Safe Scouting

Semper Paratus,

Run-ons and Even More Scout Skits    by Thomas Mercaldo

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