Sit. Rep. #140: 25 Merit Badges, Solo

1- Here is some data that I looked up in the  BSA / Merit Badge requirements.  When you get your Ham Radio License, you have earned partials and knowledge to help pass off about 25 Merit badges!

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Y: I want to sing a solo after dinner.
Z: OK with me.  But solo that I can’t hear you.

2- Amateur / Ham Radio modulation modes and bandwidth

Which type of modulation is most commonly used for VHF and UHF voice repeaters?
What type of modulation is most commonly used for VHF packet radio transmissions?

Which of the following is a form of amplitude modulation?
    Single sideband
Which type of voice mode is most often used for long-distance (weak signal) contacts on the VHF and UHF bands?
Where may SSB phone be used in amateur bands above 50 MHz?
    In at least some portion of all these bands
Which sideband is normally used for 10 meter HF, VHF, and UHF single-sideband communications?
    Upper sideband

What is an advantage of single sideband (SSB) over FM for voice transmissions?
    SSB signals have a narrower bandwidth
What is the approximate bandwidth of a single sideband (SSB) voice signal?
    3 kHz
What is the approximate bandwidth of a VHF repeater FM phone signal?
    Between 10 and 15 kHz

What is the typical bandwidth of analog fast-scan TV transmissions on the 70-centimeter band?
    About 6 MHz
What type of transmission is indicated by the term “NTSC8”?
    An analog fast scan color TV signal

NTSC stands for National Television Standards Committee.  CW = Morse code

Which of the following types of emissions has the narrowest bandwidth?
What is the approximate maximum bandwidth required to transmit a CW signal?
    150 Hz

What code is used when sending CW in the amateur bands?
    International Morse
What is an electronic keyer?
    A device that assists in manual sending of Morse code

Digital modes: packet, PSK31, “digital modes”
Which of the following is a digital communications mode?
    All of these choices are correct
      • Packet radio
      • IEEE 802.11
      • JT65

Packet radio is digital.
Which of the following may be included in packet transmissions?
    All of these choices are correct
      • A checksum that permits error detection
      • A header that contains the call sign of the station to which the information is being sent
      • Automatic repeat request in case of error

What is an ARQ transmission system?
    A digital scheme whereby the receiving station detects errors and sends a request to the sending station to retransmit the information

What does the term “APRS” mean?
    Automatic Packet Reporting System
Which of the following is an application of APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System)?
     Providing real-time tactical digital communications in conjunction with a map showing the locations of stations

Which of the following devices is used to provide data to the transmitter when sending automatic position reports from a mobile amateur radio station?
    A Global Positioning System receiver

What does the abbreviation “PSK” mean?
    Phase Shift Keying

Digital Mobile Radio, or DMR, is an FM digital communications system.  It also allows amateur radio operators to connect with
one another over the internet.
Which of the following best describes DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)?
    A technique for time-multiplexing two digital voice signals on a single 12.5 kHz repeater channel

What is a “talk group” on a DMR digital repeater?
     A way for groups of users to share a channel at different times without being heard by other users on the channel
How can you join a digital repeater’s “talk group”?
     Program your radio with the group’s ID or code

WSJT is software that provides weak-signal digital communication modes.
Which of the following operating activities is supported by digital mode software in the WSJT suite?
      All of these choices are correct
        • Moonbounce or Earth-Moon-Earth (EME)
        • Weak-signal propagation beacons
        • Meteor scatter

What is FT88?
      A digital mode capable of operating in low signal-to-noise conditions that transmit on 15-second intervals
Which of the following best describes Broadband-Hamnet(TM), also referred to as a high-speed multi-media network?
      An amateur-radio-based data network using commercial Wi-Fi gear with modified firmware

3- Meeting Plans & Notes:
Prepare to do a Cross Over Ceremony
It should have meaning
Fun and Food also help
Don’t forget the parents’ (guardians’ and grandparents’) role.
Let some of the Troop visit the upcoming Scouts so there is some familiarity between new & old Scouts
I also suggest that you have a Parents meet the Leadership and other adults with the Troop

A: I had a dream last night that I was a salad.
A: I didn’t sleep much… Tossed all night.

Semper Paratus,

Dare To Soar: Graduation Edition:   by Thomas Mercaldo

Dan Romanchik KB6NU, (Ham Radio)  Technician Study Guide

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