Sit. Rep. #139: Priority Purchasing-II, Standing Wave Ratio – but No Math

1- I believe the 2nd most important item to consider purchasing is your backpack.  This is easier than buying boots.  It still must, Must, MUST fit you to be comfortable.  As a Scout that is in the middle of physically growing; look for a pack that can adjust to your projected size as well as your current size.  Currently packs run from ~ $ 100 to $ 250.  This is a major investment.  Choose wisely.

1B- You can buy ~40 to 75 Liter size packs.  Even the smallest of these are good for a week-long hike to Mt. Baldy and the Tooth of Time.  A day pack will run ~20-40 Liters.  Buy good gear and take care of it like it was gold.

1C- Renting or borrowing are also options.  This way you can try out and see what you like and what does not work before investing in a permanent backpack.  For Instance:  I like internal pockets in and outside pockets on my packs.  Some folks like one big compartment internally.  Some like a big internal compartment and a bunch of outside pockets and pouches.  You get to choose.  There is no single answer that works for everyone.  Choose wisely.

1D- When you go to try a pack on; wear your camping/backpacking gear.  That way you will get a better feel for the size and adjustments.

U: To complete your Bird Study, you have to name these 3 birds.
V: Well that seems easy.  I name them Tom, Dick, and Larry.

2- Standing wave ratio and antenna measurements for Ham Radio:  Thanks to KB6NU Ham Radio Study Guides

Standing wave ratio, or SWR, is a measure of how well-matched a feed line is to an antenna.
What, in general terms, is the standing wave ratio (SWR)?
      A measure of how well a load is matched to a transmission line

What reading on an SWR meter indicates a perfect impedance match between the antenna and the feed line?
      1 to 1
What does an SWR reading of 4:1 indicate?
     Impedance mismatch
Why is it important to have low SWR when using a coaxial cable feed line?
    To reduce signal loss

What happens to power lost in a feed line?
       It is converted into heat
What is the proper location for an external SWR meter?
       In series with the feed line, between the transmitter and antenna

Why do most solid-state amateur radio transmitters reduce output power as SWR increases?
     To protect the output amplifier transistors
What instrument other than an SWR meter could you use to determine if a feed line and antenna are properly matched?
     Directional wattmeter

Which of the following instruments can be used to determine if an antenna is resonant at the desired operating frequency?
     An antenna analyzer
What is the major function of an antenna tuner (antenna coupler)?
     It matches the antenna system impedance to the transceiver’s output impedance

What is the primary purpose of a dummy load?
      To prevent transmitting signals over the air when making tests
What does a dummy load consist of?
       A non-inductive resistor and a heat sink

W: I lost my wig this morning.
X: We should comb the area.

Semper Paratus,

Run-ons and Even More Scout Skits    by Thomas Mercaldo

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