Sit. Rep. #131: Mastery Builds Confidence

1- EDGE: learning, understanding, teaching, and mastery.  We talked about School in Sit. Rep. #6.  Your Personal toolkit was discussed in Sit. Rep. # 17.  Scouting EDGE was covered in Sit. Rep. #83 and #96.  Generally when we pass a Scout off of fulfilling a requirement for Scout advancement; that Scout has generally passed the Understanding phase of proficiency.  There may be more levels to Mastery of a given subject.

2- EDGE Example:  You just bought a new backpacking stove for an upcoming camping trip.

  • Options:
    Leave it in the box till you get to your campsite and need to start cooking.
    Discard the box & directions and figure it out when you get to camp.  Someone there will help figure it out.
    Pack the directions with plans to read at camp if you can not figure it out.
    Read the directions.  And think this is so simple what can go wrong.
    Read the directions.  Buy fuel.  AND Buy the maintenance parts kit.
    Pack the parts kit and tools needed to install any of the parts.
    Set it up and light it at home.
    Set it up and cook on it at home.
    Store safely and then pack safely in your backpack with full confidence that you can handle almost any problem that you may face with this new stove.
    Teach and discuss with the rest of your Patrol how to use, the features, safety aspects, and maintenance of your new stove.

2A- It seems very easy to see the different levels of Mastery in this example (I hope).  Be the person that has practiced and mastered ALL the basic camping skills.  And be the example, be the mentor for other Scouts to look up to.

2B- There are many ways to pack your backpack.  Practice packing and try out different configurations of packing on your conditioning and practice hikes.  This is one area that I have one particular method for my backpack.  Figure out what works best for you and then stick with it.  After you settle on one method of packing – then you can find almost everything in the dark from memory.

E: I fell in love with a geologist.
F: Just ignore his faults.

3- As Springtime approaches here in the Northern Hemisphere, ask yourself “Am I in shape to start backpacking and hiking as the weather turn more favorable?  Still, have some New Years’ insulation around the middle and need to work some of it off?

  • Getting into shape:
    Be smart and safe in how you get back into shape.
    Ask your health provider if you should practice or place any restrictions on your activities.
    Start walking 3-5 times a week.  Or swimming.

    Start with 15 min. and work your way to longer times 3-5 hours.
    (This will /may take months depending on your current physical conditioning.)
    Do some type of strength-building exercises 3 times per week: push-ups, pull-ups, weight lifting, et al.

    Yes; having a stronger upper body will help your legs and body when hiking.
    After a month of walking – start hiking with your fully loaded backpack.
    Break in all of your clothes, socks, and shoes on these jaunts.

    Make sure that all of your hiking partners are exercising as well!  Find 3-dimensional terrain to hike in.
    Use hills, mountains, stadium or bleachers steps, fire escape steps, parking garage ramps.
    Find something that makes you work your heart, lungs, and leg muscles.

    Get used to the mental fatigue that accompanies hard physical work.

  • It will not come overnight, but you will begin to feel stronger and more confident as your body builds.

G: What flies around the school at night?
H: An Alphabat.

4- Meeting Plans & Notes:
Latrine set up, use, and cover.
Cat Hole usage & methods.

Taking notes,

Run-Ons and Even More Scout Skits by Thomas Mercaldo

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