Sit. Rep. #13: 12 points

Think: When the winds of change die down, and politicians & thieves become honest; we will have looked past them all to see the truth.

1- A bit of personal philosophy. Beware of any & everyone who tries to capitalize on this situation.  Let us all-weather this “storm” with grace & gratitude.

2- I believe that most of the Scouting world only has 10 points to their Scout Law. BSA added the last 2 points. Clean comes to mind in all aspects of our lives and especially now. Clean keeps us safe & disease-free. Reverent toward God ( as we know him/her ). And reverent toward all others. I think of the word respect as a part of reverent.  Note: Ukraine has 14 points to their Scout Law.

A- Where do ghosts go to learn a new language?
B- The screech teacher.

3- Let us also look at the tenth point. Brave does not mean “not being afraid.” Fear can reside in us only if we let it. With fear, we are frozen. Fear is paralysis. We become the prisoner to fear. Being afraid BUT still being in action against our fear & emotions is BRAVE. Let the fire from within and from God; lead you. Note: Being Brave does not mean moving without caution. Be smart. Be safe.

4- Did you start your extra pushups, setups & pull-ups this week?

C- Did you hear that a farmer wrote a joke book.
D- Yeah. But it was really corny.

5- When you are interviewing your family: Ask about their favorite songs, movies, musical groups. I bet you have not heard of many of the answers. Go check out the artists before passing judgment. Find the music on Pandora or Youtube….. My favorite musical movie is Music Man. (The con man gets his – in a very funny way – starring Robert Preston (the remake was awful))

6- You can order a State of NC Highway Map on the web. The map is free. Daydream & plan a trip to somewhere new. Do one for the family. And one for the Scout Troop.

E- Which do you think is braver, a rock or a tree?
F- The rock is boulder.

No responses from the trivia quiz: Oh well I can wait.

G- What do you get at a Witches Talent Show?
H- Standing broom only.

Scout Jokes by Thomas Mercaldo

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