Sit. Rep. #127: Hot Wash, Day Hike List

1- One habit I installed into my Troop was to do a “Hot Wash” after a camping trip.  Some folks call it a “debrief.”  It was simply a few questions that asked: What went well?  Did learning take place?  What was missing?  What could we have done better?  Were there any weak links in the planning or execution of the event?  Did everyone go home safely?  If not – then why?  Did everyone eat well?  Was fun had by everyone?  (Notice: I put the hard questions in the middle and then finished with food & fun questions.)

1B- Then I ask my Patrol Leaders Council to review the answers & make plans to correct the low spots.  And to also reinforce the high spots.  Many times there was a difference of opinion on the exact same thing.  You may have to explain that is perfectly OK.  The key for me was to look for glaring planning or execution mistakes, injury close calls, and issues that repeated.  Guiding the Troop and then the PLC through the review was also used as a teaching/learning tool.  Everyone got a chance to speak and have their opinion heard and evaluated.

O: Why is your dog growling at me?
P: He does that when someone eats out of his food dish.

2- In Sit. Rep. #38 we talked about items to carry on your person while hiking or camping.  Let us expand on that.  Say you have a butt pack or small backpack.  The list expands a little even for just a day hike.

  1. Pocket knife & / or multi-tool  (I take both: one on my person & one in the pack)
  2. Matches in a waterproof container (and backup lighters)
  3. Firestarter, tender, fuel tabs, lighter wood
  4. Hat, bandana/scarf, & leather (or mechanics) gloves
  5. Space Blanket / mylar / rescue blanket  (1 per person)
  6. 2 water bottles/camelback/canteens and water purification tablets
  7. First Aid Kit with insect repellent and lip balm
  8. Extra food, trail mix, food bars, hard candy
  9. Signal mirror
  10. Rain gear
  11. Navigation: Compass & maps, GPS, PLB, cell phone
  12. Flashlight or headlamp or both
  13. A wool sweater or jacket & spare socks in waterproof baggies
  14. Sunglasses or snow blindness glasses
  15. Small & a Large trash bag (one for trash & one for backup shelter)
  16. Whistle (1 per person carried on that person & 1 spare for the group)
  17. Toilet Paper (if necessary – spare feminine hygiene/protection)  I have OB’s in my First Aid Kit.
  18. Short hank of 550 / paracord
  19. Hatchet or camping axe
  20. 3×5 note pad & pen

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This list is not the end.  Use this list as a starting point and make your own list for each & every trip.  You may have to add bear spray, or a small fishing kit with hooks & line, or a camera.  What skills & tools do you have to make a bad situation turn out OK?  Plan & do what it takes to have fun and to be safe.  It is your trip and your responsibility to be safe and courteous.

Q: How much for the used batteries?
R: Not much.  They are free of charge.

3- Meeting Plans & Notes:
Additional Scouting Awards outside of Advancement


Ranger Skits: by Thomas Mercaldo

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